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  1. Sunny

    Teskey Brothers

    I really enjoy their laid back sound. Forever You And Me EVK_mZgiQAw Crying Shame gMebE3pX7iw
  2. Sunny

    Little May

    I'm really liking the dreamy sound of this trio from Sydney :grinthumb Dust aKc9zZDodno Hide w7Mj08UP7Yw
  3. Sunny

    35 years ago today since John Bonham's death

    He was one of the best! GonQSHxzb1k
  4. Sunny


    Andrew Hozier-Byrne known as Hozier, is an Irish singer and songwriter from Bray, County Wicklow. Jackie And Wilson cSWqxbswQAY From Eden cI0wUoCLnLk Someone New bPJSsAr2iu0
  5. Sunny

    See you later .....

    All packed and ready to fly to the UK tomorrow morning. See you all when I return :)
  6. Sunny

    Surf City

    Surf City is a shoegaze/indie band from Auckland, New Zealand. I just bought their 2010 album Kudos. Retro CSCXkUfmLQc Crazy Rulers Of The World 7jEBw8MelZA See How The Sun 46A3fqahGlM
  7. Sunny

    Hope you are feeling better Sooty!!

    Sooty (Soot And Stars) is having an operation. Hope you are feeling a lot better now Sooty! Sunny x
  8. Sunny

    Ben Howard

    Ben Howard (born 24 April 1987) is an English singer/song-writer. Albums: Every Kingdom (2011) I Forget Where We Were (2014) The Wolves BLQaGEI5D2Q Only Love OWlKZ6C7cDY The Fear dnxCxHLAqn8
  9. Sunny

    Happy Birthday Tray!!

    Have a lovely day Tray :) Sunny x
  10. Sunny

    Happy Birthday Taboo!

    Have a great day!! :)
  11. Sunny

    What have I done wrong!

    I can barely read this forum the print is so tiny. I must have pressed something to make it like this :pullhair: Every other thingy I go into is normal sized print.
  12. Sunny

    Jimi Hendrix covers

    This young woman is pretty good. I don't know why she looks so bored though :tongue: ANOtQ_KNCe0
  13. Sunny

    Happy Birthday Johnny-Too-Good

    Have a great day!! :cheers2
  14. Sunny

    Happy Birthday Rocking Jodi

    Many Happy Returns :)
  15. Sunny

    Happy Birthday ComfortablyNumb!

    Have a great day Comfy :cheers2
  16. Sunny

    Happy Birthday Musikwala

    Many Happy Returns Musikwala :cheers2 :fizzle: :fizzle: :fizzle:
  17. Sunny

    Happy Birthday Mistral Wind!

    Have a lovely day MW :cheers2
  18. Sunny

    Die Die Die

    Die! Die! Die! is a band from Dunedin, New Zealand Andrew Wilson (vocals/guitar) Michael Logie (bass) Michael Prain (drums) Crystal aYSA-Ttfiws How Ye G2so-C79hFI Out Of The Blue -BWmZFA7CNc
  19. Sunny


    Stonefield is an Australian rock band made up of four sisters, Amy, Hannah, Sarah, and Holly Findlay from Darraweit Guim, a small town in rural Victoria. Whole Lotta Love gO-1gVUoInA Ruby Skies _UG692kVfMk Love You Deserve Oddr4WKYkFk
  20. Sunny

    Filthy Boys

    One of my young patients was telling me about the band Filthy Boy and how much he liked them. He loaned me their CD ‘Smile That Won’t Go Down’ and I am really enjoying it. The band members are all 19 years old and from South London. Their songs tell stories kind of like the Arctic Monkeys...
  21. Sunny

    Say Lou Lou

    Say Lou Lou are a twin sister musical duo hailing from both Australia and Sweden. Considered Dream pop or Dream Wave, they released their first single in 2012 before forming their own record label, à Deux, in 2013. Miranda and Electra Kilbey are the daughters of The Church frontman Steve...
  22. Sunny

    Happy Birthday Ar-Pharazon

    Enjoy your birthday!! :grinthumb
  23. Sunny

    Georgia Fair

    I really like this laid back music - just right for listening to on a warm, relaxing spring day like today :grinthumb Georgia Fair is an Australian music duo comprising Jordan Wilson and Ben Riley. Currently based in Melbourne, Australia, the band was originally formed in Sydney, in 2006...
  24. Sunny

    Busby Marou

    Busby Marou are an Australian duo originally from Rockhampton in Queensland. Jeremy Marou Thomas Busby Get You Out Of Here hffNcExvpeU Biding My Time kHHyKw-r8cs I Still Don’t Believe S3SYLJNimRg
  25. Sunny


    16 years old Ella Yelich-O'Connor known by her stage name Lorde is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. EP – The Love Club Album – Pure Heroine Swingin’ Party 1wavwT7paPs Royals P_WyB1Yunqw Team VD7ZkC6blqE

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