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  1. OldSchool47

    Bye-bye Miss American Pie

    Virtual ******. 250K per year. Oh Yeah.
  2. OldSchool47

    Bye-bye Miss American Pie

    Here's a couple good ones for ya. It's called White music. Beautiful Rosanne. Better than daddy's version.
  3. OldSchool47

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Like it. OLDSCHOOL. I hear a hint of Doc Watson in the fiddle. 8.5/10.
  4. OldSchool47

    Radio Days.

  5. OldSchool47

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Interesting video. The words and the way they are recited make me think that I am sitting in an East Village coffee shop circa 1961 listening to a beatnik, who has consumed 2 glasses of electric Kool-Aid, recite a poem. Video = 8/10. 9/10 if Alex and his droogs make an appearance.
  6. OldSchool47

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Hmmm. This song gives me an "Arthur Brown" woodwinds type of feeling. Not 1 of Talk Talk's best. 5/5.
  7. OldSchool47

    Lindisfarne and Alan Hull ! (folk)

    What the **** does "Fog On The Tyne" mean? Sickly sausage rolls? The hair. 25% Scots Celtic + 75% Dane = reddish brown.
  8. OldSchool47

    Mickie Ainsworth

  9. OldSchool47

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    The Seekers are 1 of my favorites. Great music. Bring it back. This is an average + song by them. 6/10. Yep. My mom's side. They were carpenters and owned the construction companies that built the mines in County Tipperary mostly. They built a few in County Cork. My great grandfather Frank's...
  10. OldSchool47

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    White guys. I like that. They're well groomed. The song is classic Westlife: 5.5/10.
  11. OldSchool47

    Ugh! Today's definition of "Classic" Rock.

    I've read the posts in this thread and have come to the conclusion that you all are presenting your subjective definitions of Classic Rock and what classic rock should be. Let me define absolutely for you and for all members of Classic Rock forums what classic rock is and has been since 1967. 1...
  12. OldSchool47

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Lindisfarne meets Folkal Point meets Wicked Tinkers. Very good band with original lineup. This song = mediocre = 5/10. So pass me a chew and I'll sing you a song If there's a problem with that we can get it on.
  13. OldSchool47

    Country Music Recommendations

    For you, Arkie, a guy who grew up on real country music in west Texas. They say that Bill was half Okie and half Texie. "Well Bill gave old Buck the first job he ever had Bill must've been a good teacher cause old Buck didn't do too bad"
  14. OldSchool47

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Too European techno for my tastes, but not a bad song. 7.5/10.
  15. OldSchool47

    Country Music - A Film By Ken Burns

    Kenny's Trailer? The Bad: 1. Opening with Garth Brooks? Gotta be a put on. Open with Shotgun Willie. 2. At 0:30 Rhiannon Giddens: "If you want to look for like super strong women ..." Is Ken trying to steal the embarrassingly-over-done PC Crown from ACL? The Good: 1. Dolly. She is the...
  16. OldSchool47

    Country Music Recommendations

    And Dimples who now lives in Temple's Got the law looking for me
  17. OldSchool47

    Little Liza Jane

  18. OldSchool47

    Lynyrd Skynyrd (Official Thread)

    "This is where Rock 'n' Roll was made. Southern Rock 'n' Roll."
  19. OldSchool47

    Country Rock

  20. OldSchool47

    What is Your Favorite All Time Band in the Universe?

    Black Oak Arkansas is arguably the most underrated American rock band formed after 1960. Them boys were good. Ricochet and Goober Grin in their prime were as good on guitar as Gary Rossington and Allen Collins were in their prime and that's damn good. Don't ya think? Jim "Dandy" Mangrum...

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