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  1. Bocephus

    The Ultimate Question.. WHO IS THE GREATEST ROCK BAND OF THE 70'S?

    I completely forgot about Genesis, i'd put em 2nd just below The Stones.:)
  2. Bocephus

    favourite song from each artist.

    The Beatles - Across the universe Elton John - High flying bird David Bowie - Heroes Hank Williams - You win again The Stones - I got the blues David Allan Coe - Spotlight Elvis Costello - Suit of lights Genesis - Suppers ready Yes - Close to the edge Oasis - Some...
  3. Bocephus

    May27-Jun3;CRF HoF noms. KISS, Judas Priest, etc.

    I'd like to see Yes and Kiss inducted.
  4. Bocephus

    Favourite lurve songs?

    You can't go wrong with 80's hair metal ballads if you're looking for the perfect love song. jO4Bb1xQHXw&feature=related or: rnP4O63vays
  5. Bocephus


    Rolling Stones - Little T & A wSx_9L8Yoy4 Velvet Revolver - Mary Mary Qi9Mw8mnJFU Nothing like bumping your own deserted thread. :heheh:
  6. Bocephus

    Lemmy hates rap and pop music

    Lemmy saying what most intelligent music fans are thinking but to afraid to say, having said that, i'm not a huge Motorhead fan either.:oyea:
  7. Bocephus

    Favorite Country Ballads

    Check out this great performance by Bocephus. It's a medley of some of Hank Williams Srs finest songs. You win again is my personal favourite country ballad. Hank Williams Jr Medley of Hank Sr songs J-Cws22FKoc
  8. Bocephus

    Van Halen (Official Thread)

    fcvtnEvclGs&feature=fvst Prime DLR in full Jim Dandy mode.:)
  9. Bocephus

    Rock And Roll Music VS Rock And Roll Band

    The Beatles are the greatest but, Boston wins this song face-off comfortably.
  10. Bocephus

    Best Album of 1993

    1. Nirvana - In utero 2. blur - Modern life is rubbish 3. U2 - Zooropa 4. Paul Weller - Wild wood 5. Lenny Kravitz - Are you gonna go my way
  11. Bocephus

    Nirvana (Official Thread)

    Count me among the Nevermind is overrated crowd, i would still give Nevermind a 10 though. In Utero is just as good imo. Bleach is about an 8, Incesticide is a 6-7 by my reckoning. Nevermind is definitely the cleanest sounding album they did, even though i'd give it a perfect 10 based on it's...
  12. Bocephus

    Favorite Artists of the 90s

    Oasis blur Stone Temple Pilots Black Crowes Pearl Jam Pantera Alice In Chains Pulp Nirvana Suede Rancid Dream Theater
  13. Bocephus

    Your favourite all-time albums?

    1. Appetite for destruction 2. Van Halen I 3. Magical mystery tour 4. Exile on main st. 5. Transformer 6. The joshua tree 7. King of america 8. Boston 9. Songs in the key of life 10. Zoso 11. Long haired redneck 12. Morning glory 13. The downward spiral 14. The lamb lies down on...
  14. Bocephus

    Top 100 Classic Rock songs of all time!

    No "Stairway..." Denied. These things are down to opinion but it's not a very good list i don't think. It's very MOR. Does anybody seriously think "don't stop believing" is better than "Layla"? No prime era Genesis but Phil Collins solo makes the list. Fail.:pullhair: These lists are...
  15. Bocephus


    The idea is to post two songs from different artists that (in your opinion) sound uncannily similar. Led Zeppelin - Going to California: TechHc8GK_Y Pearl Jam - Given to fly: M7DH3iZ5VY8 Apologies if this thread has been done before, forum noob here.:)
  16. Bocephus

    Most Underrated Rock Band (One Choice Only!)

    I'm gonna say Genesis on account of them not being in Rolling Stone magazines Top 100 artists of all time at the expense of bands like Nirvana, The Eagles and The *** Pistols. As for solo artists i would pick David Allan Coe. One of my favourite artists of the 70's, and if he died i doubt it...
  17. Bocephus

    Most Underrated Rock Band (One Choice Only!)

    Yeah STP is a good call for most underrated band of the last 20 years.
  18. Bocephus

    Top 3 Favorite songs

    M58wE8GTGp4 u-_ff-VWluc PaLfDnShEn0 1. Supper's Ready 2. I Got The Blues 3. Woman Though it's ever changing.
  19. Bocephus

    Neil Young (Official Thread)

    I got "Harvest" in the mail yestrerday, my first Neil Young album, i like it. Neil Young doesn't get much exposure in the UK so i wasn't 100% sure what to expect, i'd previously heard "Heart of gold" but all the other tracks were new to me. While i like the songs on the album, i think his...
  20. Bocephus

    KISS - Sonic Boom (2009)

    This one's a return to form for Kiss. Anybody else notice the similarity between "Never Enough" and Poisons "Nothin but a good time"?
  21. Bocephus

    Nirvana - In Utero Album (1993)

    Best album of 1993, great follow-up to Nevernind. One of those albums you listen to all the way though without skipping tracks.
  22. Bocephus

    Aerosmith - Rock in a Hard Place (1982)

    Worst Aerosmith album imo.
  23. Bocephus

    Buckethead - Colma (1998)

    Nice review. This was the second Buckethead album i got and it was a bit of a shock after hearing Monters and Robots which i loved, it's not what i pictured from Buckethead, it took me some time to get into it.
  24. Bocephus

    Artists/bands that saved the 80s from total oblivion

    Elvis Costello Prince Van Halen U2 GNR The Clash Motley Crue Rick Astley

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