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    Favorite Country Ballads

    Here's a few lovely ballads by women singers. Tell Me I'm Crazy by Shelby Lynne Someday Soon by Crystal Gail or what about John Berry he's a master a ballads and too many to list but check out You and only You someone mentioned Vince Gill well your all right he is superb singer guitarist and...
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    Guns N' Roses (Official Thread)

    Here's a clock I made recently all solid hardwoods and hand carved one of my favourite bands
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    The top 40 AOR vocalists of all time

    Hope ya don't mind me posting this (newbie) but recently heard a guy online who I have never heard of before and he's a Brit called Nigel Bailey sings in the style of one of our other Brit vocalists Steve Overland....... worth checking him out if you haven't already heard him.

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