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    Kingdom Come (Official Thread)

    well, they've hung it up now. :wa
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    Saraya (Official Thread)

    Good group, chick has a great voice
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    Giuffria (Official Thread)

    Just found these guys, pretty good stuff :D
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    Joe Bonamassa (Official Thread)

    Going thru Tour de Force, very strong DVD, lots of solo's while the band lays back. The ZZ Top and Zep, tribute is great. Would love to see him play with Dave Murray !
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    Joe Bonamassa (Official Thread)

    Went to see Joe last week. Guy played a solid 2 hrs. Came out playing a Flying V, so I figured Schenker would be making a guest appearance, I was disappointed...... , but the concert was great otherwise !
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    Just received **** off ebay from the Russian Federation. From the first song, Heard it on the Radio to the last , it kicks ***.
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    Just got Wonder Years, still trying to get a few of their others w/out breaking the bank !
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    Anyone keep up w/ the band Thunder ? They have some catchy tunes. I have recently picked up a few of their cd's and really like them. Just another band I never heard for years.....
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    Is Gene Simmons a complete ****?

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    Sarah Palin Blames Sammy Hagar for Her Speeding Ticket

    what a great come back, that's hilarious !
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    Have you ever become obsessed with an album that changed you socially

    Yea, Destroyer made me a metal head \m/
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    Ted Nugent gig cancelled over his 'Views'

    Ted won't loose any sleep...........
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    Tell us about your stereo!

    IT WORKS, one hard to find rect. diode, 2 fuses and a good cleaning and the old mother f'n Sansui works. :woot:
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    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Communication Breakdown is another good one
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    Tell us about your stereo!

    Had an old Yamy Amp, built like a tank, sounded excellent, so what do I do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,give it to by bro in law. HA ! Parts for the Sansui are copies, so I'm worried about tolerances ratings in voltage and power. They make them close but not exact. Probably why some guys have success and...
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    Tell us about your stereo!

    So, my buddy asks me to take a look at his 80's Sansui AU7700 int.amp. Damn thing is pretty cool and the reviews said it was very sweet in the day. I do a little panel work and find the preamp fuses are blowing, chit. bad news. My first thought is the diode pack. So I get lucky and find the...
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    RATT (Official Thread)

    Nobody Rides for Free, looks like that song had many meanings.....
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    Most beautiful song intro

    And any song off Pink World by Planet P, they all started with very beautiful and cool sounds. (oops, early 80's release)
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    Most beautiful song intro

    Don't know how beautiful it is, but the little car starting at the first of Kiss Destroyer was pretty cool.
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    Do You Still Buy Cds / Vinyl?

    I try to buy LP's, if not available I'll go to the CD and if I have to I'll download. The only thing available for the last few purchases has been download, I hate dl, I feel like I'm buying air. I want to see and hear it, read it, store it.
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    Frampton vs Nugent

    uncle teddy
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    Ratt vs Dokken

    You pick Ratt, yet Warren plays for Ratt ????? I say Dokken, to me they have a better collection, but I still like Ratt a lot. Both guitarist **** the frets.
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    Forgotten albums or songs that you really enjoyed at the time!

    Whitford / St.Holmes , great LP
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    Tell us about your stereo!

    That would be nice, but I have wondered how hi a grade my Project would take. Maybe as high as the Bronze and a slight chance at the Black. ???? I bought the Red to get away from the true entry level that came w/ the TT.
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    Tell us about your stereo!

    It's hard to pass the new old technology up. The new TT's and Cartridges out there are fantastic and are now at prices most people can afford. My old B&O with its mmc2 can't touch my little Red Ortofon and Project TT.

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