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  1. That 70s Guy

    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    Spinning some Cheap Trick in memory of Jenny (Trickster), from now on I'll think of her everytime I hear this band...
  2. That 70s Guy

    R.I.P. Trickster

  3. That 70s Guy

    R.I.P. Trickster

    This hurts so much!! I can't believe this....I didn;;t know she was ill. I noticed her absence from this forum. She was/is beautiful....
  4. That 70s Guy

    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

  5. That 70s Guy

    Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Gary Rossington Has ‘Emergency Heart Surgery’

    Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington is recovering after suffering a serious health scare. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Gary Rossington as he recovers from emergency heart surgery,” notes a message to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Facebook page. “Gary is home resting and recovering with his family...
  6. That 70s Guy

    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

  7. That 70s Guy

    Paul McCartney, Beck - Find My Way (Official Video)

    Not too fussy for the song but the video is fantastic! It's good to see "Beatle Paul" again. This technology opens the door to have movies or concerts from actors or performers that are long dead,doesn't it.
  8. That 70s Guy

    Rolling Stones Announce 2021 U.S. ‘No Filter’ Tour Dates

    The Rolling Stones have announced a 13-date U.S. fall tour that will begin Sept. 26 in St. Louis. The latest leg of their No Filter tour, which began in September 2017, is scheduled to wrap up on Nov. 20 in Austin. Many of these dates are rescheduled from the band's planned North American 2020...
  9. That 70s Guy

    R.I.P. Robbie Steinhardt (Kansas violinist)

    All we are is dust in the wind...
  10. That 70s Guy

    Ron Wood Says Faces Have Recorded New Music

    Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood said he's been working with former Faces bandmates Rod Stewart and Kenney Jones on new music amid a series of musical projects he’s involved with. Several attempts at reuniting have taken place since the band released its fourth and so far final album, Ooh La...
  11. That 70s Guy

    Rolling Stones ‘Have Done Nine New Tracks’ for ‘Tattoo You’ Box

    Ronnie Wood has revealed that the Rolling Stones are prepping a 40th anniversary box set for their album Tattoo You. “Me and **** [Jagger] have done nine new tracks for the [40th anniversary] re-release of Tattoo You,” the guitarist admitted to The Times. Released in August of 1981, the original...
  12. That 70s Guy

    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

  13. That 70s Guy

    New Setup etc...

    There's probably a few bugs that need to be worked out. Be patient.
  14. That 70s Guy

    New Iron Maiden Single!!!!

    I didn't see this thread when I posted mine. I'll delete mine. Great song BTW.

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