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  1. Sean Hunt

    I gathered info on Mezquita from Spain. The band behind "Recuerdos de mi Tierra"

    Anyone heard "Recuerdos de mi Tierra" by Mezquita? I wanted to stick to my schedule of Sunday releases and figured this band had almost no info on them in English. So I dived into a lot of Spanish stuff and even reached out to one of the band members in order to make this Mini-Doc about the...
  2. Sean Hunt

    Heard of this "dead" singer? Rodriguez from Searching for Sugar Man

    Hey guys! I’d appreciate it if you let me know what you think of my new video on the incredible songwriter, Sixto Rodriguez. He gave up on his musical career in the '70s, but unaware to him, he had sold more records than Elvis in South Africa, a country where he was rumored to have killed...
  3. Sean Hunt

    Best of 70's Rock from Argentina

    Anyone here a fan of Serú Girán? They're such a unique band, blending tango with Jaco Pastorious style bass playing as well as influence from British prog legends. This is one of my all-time favorite bands and I created Mini-doc on Charly Garcia's first two bands before getting to his third...
  4. Sean Hunt

    Story of Quebec's Flagship band from the 70's, Harmonium!

    I've been listening to this incredible band for many years and recently realized there are no documentaries on their story in English, so of course I went ahead and filled that gap and I hope I paid them the respect the deserve. While researching this video I realized there is a ton more prog...
  5. Sean Hunt

    The Turtles are way more interesting than I'd anticipated.

    Any fans of The Turtles here? They're so fun! And there's way more to them than most people know, including all of the comedy songs and their concept album, "The Battle of the Bands" in which they spoof a different style of band on each song. About 10 years ago, The Turtles featuring Flo and...
  6. Sean Hunt

    Best 70's Prog Rock from South America?

    Hey guys! Lately I've been learning Spanish and of course listening to and translating music is a very helpful activity. So I spiraled down many rabbit holes but found that the 70's prog scene from Argentina does it for me best. Have you guys listened to bands like Crucis and Invisible? I'm way...
  7. Sean Hunt

    The Canterbury Scene Family Tree

    Anyone here a fan of bands like Soft Machine and Caravan? Of course both bands started releasing albums in 1968 that later became known as the first albums in what we call The Canterbury Scene. What are your favorite bands from the Canterbury Scene? I like some of the hidden gems like Quiet...
  8. Sean Hunt

    10cc is one of the most fun bands I've ever heard and their story is interesting too

    Do we have a lot of 10cc fans here? With their satirical lyrics, progressive arrangements, revolutionary production techniques and incredibly catchy melodies, 10cc has been scratching an itch that I didn't know existed. I'm only 32 but I've been studying classic and progressive rock since...
  9. Sean Hunt

    Hey everyone!

    Hey guys! I've visited this forum a few times throughout the years when my searches have brought here, but I've never posted before. Since discovering The Beatles when I was 10 or 11, I've been obsessed with studying and listening to classic rock. Well... more honestly, it's been in phases and...

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