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  1. mrs.nicksimmons

    Personal Videos

    Is it possible to post personal videos that I've filmed anywhere on here? Can I post them in a thread or on my public profile at all?
  2. mrs.nicksimmons

    Aerosmith Album?

    I've recently decided to start learning/listening to every song of a certain band every year. I've grown up listening to Guns-n-Roses and I'm proud to say I can name and sing every single one of their songs (well, the ones up until their breakup at least, I don't know any of the current ones)...
  3. mrs.nicksimmons

    Hollywood Undead

    Not sure if anyone listens to HU on here, but I figured i would start a thread about them. My best friend was in love with them and I hated them. But then he took me to a concert and I was in love. I love how they mix pop/hiphop/rap/rock. I'm not a big fan of modern groups just because i'm into...
  4. mrs.nicksimmons

    Who are your favorite bassists???

    Though I haven't done much research on actual bassist players, I do love and respect the bassists. They add flare to the music that sometimes goes unknown. So, even though I don't have an actual list (I'm leaving that up to you guys!), who are your top bassists? Mine is definately Duff Mckagan...
  5. mrs.nicksimmons

    For those about to rock, I salute you!

    Hello Everyone! I just found this as a good way to say hi! I just got my account and am very new t this site. I practically live for classic rock and I am one of the 8% of teenagers who listens to classic rock and simply proud of that fact. My best friend and I are both absolutely in love with...

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