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  1. Neverlife

    Van Canto (Official thread)

    Official Website I wasn't sure what to think when I first heard of these guys....5 singers and a drummer? How the **** would this work? And I was amazed how well they pull it off. Honestly its one of the coolest bands I've ever found. DISCOGRAPHY: A Storm to Come (2006) Tribe of Force...
  2. Neverlife

    Cain's Offering (Official Thread)

    I just found this band about 10 minutes ago...and well I decided to share it. Cain's Offering on Wikipedia Cain's Offering is a Finnish Power Metal supergroup (yeah, supergroup), started in 2009, and they have 1 album out, Gather the Faithful It's made up of -Stratovarius singer - Timo...
  3. Neverlife

    Evgeny Kissin

    I was watching him on Ovation T.V. and he amazed me. Evgeny Igorevich Kissin is a Russian classical pianist and former child prodigy. He is especially known for his interpretations of the works of Chopin, for whom he has felt an affinity since early childhood. (Thank you wikipedia :D)...
  4. Neverlife

    Opeth (Official Thread) Band Members: Mikael Åkerfeldt Martin Mendez Martin Axenrot Fredrik Åkesson Joakim Svalberg Studio Discography: Orchid (1995) Morningrise (1996) My Arms, Your Hearse (1998) Still Life (1999) Blackwater...
  5. Neverlife

    Various Artists

    Antonio Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons - Summer". Written by some guy, sometime, I'm not sure on the history of it is. But I found a cover of this song by Children of Bodom's guitarists, Alexi Laiho, and Roope Latvava. I thought it was pretty bad-*** and its a cover of classical, so I put it here...
  6. Neverlife

    Kamelot (Official Thread)

    Official Kamelot Website Kamelot is Power/Symphonic (I dunno what to classify them as) Metal band from.....the U.S.? Yeah, you heard me, from Tampa, Florida!!! Anyway, they are a band I will listen to a lot for a month or two then forget about them for months until I hear something by...
  7. Neverlife

    Power Metal

    I'm just gonna come out and say it....Power Metal kicks ***. There, I said it, I'm happy :D I guess I'm just starting a thread to talk, live, breath, discuss, eat, swim in, and kiss Power Metal (too much?). No rules, no limits, just stick within the general genre of Power (maybe some...
  8. Neverlife

    Can This Be My Home?

    Heya everyone, umm I'm not very interesting but I'm a music lover like most of you guys and hopefully I'll be able to have at least semi-intelligent conversations with all of you :D Here's a little bit about me, for most of you who don't know me (Magic, Grendel, you guys have heard this oh...

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