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  1. Travelin' Man

    Rossini Anyone?

    Thought you guys might enjoy this one. And you don't even have to like classical music... CWki-Jac8H0
  2. Travelin' Man

    Jimmy Buffett Injured During Fall From Stage

    From TMZ... Jimmy Buffett was rushed to a hospital in Australia today after he fell off the stage during a concert ... and it appears flashing lights from the lighting director may have triggered the fall that left him unconscious ... TMZ has learned. TMZ has confirmed the 64-year-old...
  3. Travelin' Man

    Lyrical Bliss

    Are there lyrics, be they from any genre of music, that send you into lyrical euphoria? Lyrics that riddle your flesh with goose bumps and/or make your nerve endings tingle? Maybe it's just a simple inner connection to them that you feel. Who knows and who the hell cares? Please share with...
  4. Travelin' Man

    The Top Five Tunes On Your iTunes

    I was a little bit (though not entirely) surprised when I clicked on the "Plays" column for my iTunes. Part of me asks "who'da thunk it," while the other part thinks that it sounds about right. What are the top 5 songs that you listen to on your iTunes? Mine are: Flying In A Blue Dream...
  5. Travelin' Man

    Capturing the Moment

    I hope that this is an original thread idea. I looked for something similar, but found nothing. Anyway... We all have them. Moments of our lives that, no matter how utterly mundane they may have been, we remember clearly because of the song that was playing at that particular time. This thread...
  6. Travelin' Man

    Just Stoppin' By....

    Hello to all! I'm Travelin' Man. I chose that name because it reflects a couple of things, one of them being Bob Seger. He, in turn, is a reflection of where I grew up. That being just outside of Detroit. The 1970's were my formative years and if you grew up in the Detroit area in the 1970's...

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