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  1. Lynn

    New Classic Rock Releases

    With the rise in the "New Wave of Classic Rock", There should be a forum here for New CLassic Rock releases. I'd like to kick it off with this new release from a female blues/rock singer who has just released her soulful version of Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower". I'd be interested in...
  2. Lynn

    Charity Event Next Sunday 27th Oct

    Just a quick mention for anyone who is in the Bolton, UK area on Sunday afternoon. My band (The Dave Strider Band) is playing a gig to raise money for Daryl, the founder of the NorthWest Motorcycle Alliance, who has only been given a few weeks to live. Entry by donation only. We're performing...
  3. Lynn

    Classic Rock Subgenres?

    I'm looking for ideas for a subgenre of Classic Rock that my band might fall into and I've hit a dead end. Our music in general has elements of Retro-Metal (I.e. Sabbath), but also other elements as diverse as space rock and punk. Here is the link to our current single. I would appreciate any...
  4. Lynn

    Hello from the UK

    I'm pleased to meet you all. I've been playing classic rock on and off for over over 40 years. I hope to find some great new friends.

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