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  1. rocknrollcola

    The Walker Brothers

    They had some very good ballads.
  2. rocknrollcola

    1969 Add List

  3. rocknrollcola

    The Yardbirds (Official Thread)

    I play them a bunch. I know they are disbanding again.
  4. rocknrollcola

    Crosby Stills Nash & Young {CSNY}(Official Thread)

    The 1974 cd and dvd I can't wait to get.
  5. rocknrollcola

    Best Guitar

    very nice models.
  6. rocknrollcola

    Best Album of 1992

    Yes it is my personal order.
  7. rocknrollcola

    Best Album of 1992

    My top 20 would be: 1. Iron Maiden: Fear of the Dark 2. Black Sabbath: Dehumanizer 3. Kiss: Revenge 4. Megadeth: Countdown to Extinction 5. Motorhead: March or Die 6. Dream Theater: Images and Words 7. Manowar: Triumph of Steel 8. Stone Temple Pilots: Core 9. White Zombie: La...
  8. rocknrollcola

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    I am hoping they tour again in the future.
  9. rocknrollcola

    McCartney or Wilson?

    McCartney gets my vote because The Beatles Revolutionized rock.
  10. rocknrollcola

    Anthrax (Official Thread)

    The material from the mid and late 1990s was good.
  11. rocknrollcola

    Metal Church (Official Thread)

    I saw them in 2005. Very good band. A shame they played to less than 100 people in a bowling alley.
  12. rocknrollcola

    Canned Heat (Official Thread)

    I got into Canned Heat in elementary school from when I heard the Woodstock Parts 1 and 2 soundtrack.
  13. rocknrollcola

    Hello from the United States

    Hello! I am Robert! I am 33 years old and found out about this site through google.
  14. rocknrollcola

    Whitesnake (Official Thread)

    I love the versions before 1987.
  15. rocknrollcola

    Bad Company ~ Brian Howe Era

    It wasn't just Howe and other former band members they were trying to keep the name from being misused. At the time there were numerous Hip Hop/Rap and Electronica/Techno acts using the Bad Company name and these songs were coming up showing on internet radio as Bad Company and on top of that...

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