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  1. jtrichey13

    2013 Classic Rock Forums Hall of Fame inductees

    We come to the end (for now) of our Hall of Fame project. 19(!) voters this round set a new record, so thanks to all the voters. While I'm at it, thanks to everyone who ever participated in this task. It is the board's Hall of Fame and wouldn't mean anything without the participation. Our...
  2. jtrichey13

    2013 CRF Hall of Fame. Inductions! The end is here.

    Thanks to all of the voters for the nominations over the last few weeks. It is time to induct our final class (for now) into the Classic Rock Forums Hall of Fame. It's been a great ride, thanks to everyone who participated. This Hall of Fame will hopefully be a source of pride for the web...
  3. jtrichey13

    2013 nominations CRF Rock Hall of Fame. Last round is here!

    So we are now in the present day. The 2013 vote will catch us up to exactly where the Cleveland Hall of Fame is now. Artists that debuted in 1987 or before are now eligible. Since we will only be doing this once a year from here on, I re-opened the eligible lists to include just about...
  4. jtrichey13

    The 2012 CRF Rock Hall of Fame inductees are...

    Our next to last hall of fame class is complete with 7 new inductees. Thanks to our 11 voters. The well deserving inductees are: Guns 'N' Roses (Cleveland induction 2012) Edgar Winter (not inducted) Steve Winwood (not inducted) Stevie Nicks (not inducted) The Dave Clark...
  5. jtrichey13

    YOU DECIDE:CRF Rock Hall induct Dec 16-23

    It is time to induct our 2012 class. We have a nice list of 19 nominees to vote on. Please select 7 from the list below. We will run the voting until next Sunday December 23. Then we will come back in the new year to induct our last class for no, the 2013 group. Your nominees: Blood...
  6. jtrichey13

    Cleveland Rock Hall announced

    Today the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced their 2013 rock hall class, and the folks around here should at least be somewhat pleased. Their inductees: Rush:omg: Heart Public Enemy Randy Newman Albert King Donna Summer I must say that our CRF Hall of Fame got Rush, Heart, and...
  7. jtrichey13

    YOU CHOOSE:CRF Hall noms Dec9-16 GnR, Poison, Soundgarden, etc

    Unfortunately we had our votes last week so packed together that we can only induct 4 new members to our Hall of Fame this week. Still, they are 4 worthy and interesting artists. Congrats to: Ringo Starr (not inducted in Cleveland) Michael Jackson (inducted in Cleveland 2001) Dire Straits...
  8. jtrichey13

    YOU DECIDE:CRF Rock Hall inductions Dec 2-9 Large list of nominees

    Wow, 17 voters this week give us a huge list of nominees. 41 nominees to choose from, should have something to offer for everyone. The artists with multiple nominations are really starting to pile up. But surprisingly some older artists are just getting nominated for the first time too, like...
  9. jtrichey13

    YOU DECIDE:CRF Hall noms Nov25-Dec2;Faith No More,Megadeth,White Zombie,etc

    It seems like the site is stable again so we now move on to 2011. Only 3 more classes to induct. Please vote for 20 of the below candidates, but only a maximum of 6 of those can come from the newly eligible list. As always the list below is long, but not all-inclusive. If you can’t find...
  10. jtrichey13

    2010 CRF Hall of Fame results

    Though it has been a strange week around here, we did get enough votes to induct a new class of 7 artists for the 2010 CRF Hall of Fame class. I believe that I will wait until things are completely straightened out around here before proceeding with more nominations and inductions. Congrats go...
  11. jtrichey13

    YOU VOTE:CRF Rock Hall of Fame noms Nov 11-18 Chili Peppers ,Anthrax, Stryper, etc.

    Here is our class of 2009. Thanks to all the voters. The 7 great artists to congratulate are: The Move (not inducted in Cleveland) Stevie Ray Vaughan (not inducted) The Smiths (not inducted) Free (not inducted) Grand Funk Railroad (not inducted) Molly Hatchet (not...
  12. jtrichey13

    YOU ELECT:CRF Rock Hall Oct 28-Nov 11. 25 great nominees

    Thanks to all the voters this week. We have another diverse group of nominees to choose from. As usual for the election half of the cycle, pick 7 artists from the list below. Voting will be open for 2 weeks this time around because of some traveling that I am doing this week. Your nominees...
  13. jtrichey13

    YOU PICK-'EM:CRF Rock Hall Oct 21-28.Pantera, Ratt, Slayer, Bon Jovi,etc

    Here are you 2008 inductees into the CRF Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thanks to all the voters and congrats to: Metallica (Cleveland induction 2009) Saxon (not inducted) Queensryche (not inducted) Status Quo (not inducted) Procol Harum (not inducted) Roxy Music (not...
  14. jtrichey13

    YOU DECIDE:CRF Hall inductions Oct 14-21. 23 nominees to choose from

    Thanks to our 13 voters this week, we have a new slate of artists to vote for to induct into our Hall of Fame as the 2008 class. As usual from the below list select 7 artists to induct. Voting will end at noon next Sunday October 21. Your nominees: Daryl Hall & John Oates (3rd nomination)...
  15. jtrichey13

    YOU VOTE:CRF Rock Hall Oct 7-14.Metallica,Sonic Youth,Twisted Sister,Night Ranger

    Here are your 2007 inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thanks as always to all the voters. Congrats to all, especially MC5 and Frank Zappa who have been right there on the cusp for a while. Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention (Cleveland induction 1995) MC5 (not inducted)...
  16. jtrichey13

    Sept 30-Oct 7. CRF Rock Hall inductions

    Once again, your 2007 nomination list is long and varied. Thanks to all the voters as always. Vote for your favorite seven artists from the list below. Voting will be open until around noon on Sunday, October 7. Here they are—choose wisely. America (2nd nomination) Billy Idol Buddy Guy...
  17. jtrichey13

    YOU DECIDE:Sep 23-30 CRF Hall of Fame new elig Billy Idol,MotleyCrue,Husker Du, etc

    Here are you 2006 inductees into the Classic Rock Forum’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 20 voters this week I believe is a record for us, so thanks everyone. We get much more accurate and legitimate results the more votes we get, so this is great. We are heading into the homestretch with 5 more...
  18. jtrichey13

    YOU VOTE:CRF Rock Hall of Fame inductions Sep16-23. Great list of nominees

    Once again a great turnout of 12 voters have given us a long, varied slate of nominees. As usual, vote for your favorite 7 artists. It’s fine if you didn’t vote in the nomination phase or if you’ve never voted at all. All votes are welcome. Voting will go through early Sunday September 23...
  19. jtrichey13

    YOU DECIDE:Sep9-16, CRF Rock Hall of Fame New elig. Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Squier, INXS

    Our 2005 Hall of Fame class consists of 8 great artists. Thanks to all the voters, we have had a rejuvenation these past couple weeks. 18 votes this week? Wow! Let’s keep it going down the stretch as we have 7 voting cycles left to catch up to the present day. Congratulations to new...
  20. jtrichey13

    YOU PICK-'EM: CRF Rock Hall. Inductions Sep2-9. Long, diverse list of nominees

    Well, the changes I made to the nomination process definitely had the desired effect as we have a long list of nominees to choose from this week to select our inductees into the Hall of Fame. Thanks a ton to the 13 voters. Turnouts like that the rest of the way would be fantastic. For the...
  21. jtrichey13

    YOU VOTE CRF Rock Hall Aug26-Sep2;Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, U2, etc

    OK, we are going to get back in the swing of things again, and hopefully barrel through to the present day to complete our Hall of Fame. We are up to the 2005 inductions, which include artists that debuted in 1979. Because of some decreased turnout and votes getting spread a little thin, I am...
  22. jtrichey13

    2004 Classic Rock Forums' Hall of Fame inductees

    Well, the voting did not work out the way I had hoped, but here are your latest inductees to the Hall of Fame. Thanks to the 9 voters that did participate. Van Halen (Cleveland induction 2007) The Alan Parsons Project (not inducted) The Cars (not inducted) The Coasters (1987) King...
  23. jtrichey13

    The Classic Rock Forums Hall of Fame needs your votes

    As I'm sure some of you are familiar with, we are creating our own Hall of Fame over at the rock lounge. We have weekly nominations or inductions to get new rock hall classes. So far we have inducted bands like Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, Electric Light Orchestra, Uriah Heep, Cheap Trick, and...
  24. jtrichey13

    YOU CHOOSE:CRF Hall of Fame Aug5-12. Van Halen, Cars, Dire Straits new elig.

    The 2003 induction class is in. Thanks to the voters, and congrats to the following 7 artists. J. Geils Band (Cleveland induction:not inducted) Cheap Trick (not inducted) Foreigner (not inducted) Nazareth (not inducted) New York Dolls (not inducted) The Police (2003)...
  25. jtrichey13

    YOU DECIDE:Hall of Fame inductions Jul29-Aug5, great list of nominees

    Here are the list of nominees for this year's inductions into the Classic Rock Forum's Hall of Fame. A good list of 1st timers and now 6! time nominees like Wishbone Ash and Nazareth. Is it finally their year? As usual, vote for your favorite 7 nominees. Voting will last through mid day...

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