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  1. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Sad News for Frank Marino Fans

    Well I never thought this would happen, well not this soon anyway, but basically Frank has called in his retirement from the music world. So anyone that had tickets for his 2021 tour will be very disappointed as he has had to cancel that as well. Here's the explanation from Frank himself.
  2. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush DVD announcement

    ***** Parsons set up Frank's website and informed us that Frank's DVD is about to be released. Frank has worked on this for the past 8 years plus, correcting the sound tracks that was totally buggered. A couple of excerpts can be seen on Youtube, namely The Answer & Little Town of Bethlehem...
  3. Mahogany Rush Steve

    Mahogany Rush Steve intro!

    I'm Mahogany Rush Steve, and have known Frank Marino since 1975. I live in the U.K. am a Frankster at Franks website and also at the Franster page on Facebook. I was looking for information on Avi Ludmer on google and found a link to CRF that had MAHOGANY RUSH (Official Thread) and ended up...

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