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  1. Pat Catalano

    New Pat Catalano Video

    Just a quick video i put together from clips of one of the bands shows to one of my Solo tunes, hope you enjoy. gz3_yEHtJcc
  2. Pat Catalano

    Catalano Firehouse Show!!

    Oh yeah this is happening!! :bow: more info on
  3. Pat Catalano

    CATALANO Opens for Kiss

    Ok guys this is it. The big show!! Help us get the opening spot on the Kiss show!! We need votes big time. Click on the link and Vote for us to Open for Kiss. :grinthumb
  4. Pat Catalano

    Catalano on LAST FM

    For those of you that use LAST FM check us out on the site Catalano :grinthumb
  5. Pat Catalano

    Pics from The Catalano show @ The Abbey

    Some pics from the show this past Saturday night. Enjoy :grinthumb
  6. Pat Catalano

    Catalano on the Radio

    Ok kids, we need your support on this one. 105.5 THE Kat is spinning CHANGES. we need every one to fill the request line and let them know you wana hear CATALANO - CHANGES SO GO TO THE LINK AND FILL OUT THE FORM!!! They are also streaming on line so...
  7. Pat Catalano

    The New guy :)

    Hello all. Just wanted to stop by say hello. :greenie: Metal Priest turned me on to this site and so far its cool and I am happy to be part of the forum. Rock On!! Pat

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