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    Top 5 Guitar Tag-teams

    Kerry Livgren/Rich Williams ( Kansas) Tommy Shaw/James Young ( Styx) Don Felder/Joe Walsh ( Eagles)
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    "KISS is just as important as Aerosmith,Led Zeppelin"-Scott Ian

    Yep. Musically and lyrically, KISS was just another one of many mid-70's hard rock bands- a little better than many , not quite as good as some others - but basically all doing the same thing ( guitar-oriented, riff-based hard rock with lyrics written for teenage boys with probably not much of a...
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    Progressive Rock or Southern Rock

    Prog rock pretty easily for me
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    Best Guitar

    Some cool guitars Todd Rundgren has used through the years
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    1972 ~ 3!!

    Lots of good tunes on the poll - I voted for School's Out. I'm not really a big Alice Cooper fan - mostly just a "greatest hits" type fan, but School's Out is my favorite AC tune.
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    Original Kansas Lineup Set to Reunite

    Well, unfortunately this headline is misleading. There's not gonna be any reunion tour or album - strictly guest appearances for a few songs on one given evening - not really big news unless you have tickets for that particular show.
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    1979 ~ 3!!

    Can't really choose - I really like everything on this poll. These tunes all bring back memories of my high school days. Cool thing was that you could hear any of this on regular mainstream radio ( I listened alot to WLS in Chicago - not exactly known for pushing the envelope).
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    Top Ten Prog Bands

    Not necessarily in this order - Genesis Yes Kansas Rush Jethro Tull Utopia Spock's Beard King Crimson A.C.T. ELP
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    CRF Trivia

    Also, since we're on a little Journey trip right now - Journey's original drummer was Prairie Prince - aka drummer for The Tubes ( as well as many others). As I heard it he was playing with both bands and The Tubes got their big break first so he left Journey, who then recruited Aynsley Dunbar...
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    CRF Trivia

    I don't know what Steve Perry's band was called, but Journey was around for a few years before Steve Perry joined them for the Infinity album. The Infinity album was Perry's first with the band but was Journey's fourth album.
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    CRF Trivia

    Nah, it's Clapp ( I'll take the word of his bio over Wikipedia). Clapton's father was a Canadian stationed in England during WW II. He knocked up Clapton's mother and didn't stick around. Clapton was raised by his grandmother who Clapton thought was actually his mother.
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    Debut Album Battle

    One debut I would have liked to have seen on the poll is Dreamboat Annie - probably would have gotten my vote.
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    Debut Album Battle

    I went with Boston with Van Halen a close second. I'm more of a Zeppelin fan than either Boston or VH but Zep I has never been a big favorite.
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    Fandango! vs. Tea For The Tillerman

    ZZ Top for me. Other than a few songs here and there, really never got into Cat Stevens much.
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    1980 ~ 2!!

    Rough Boys - followed closely by Journey and Steely Dan
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    London-based Manfred Mann's Earth Band Tribute

    Sounds pretty good!
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    Music at the Academy Awards 2013

    I thought that Skyfall song was one incredibly boring, lifeless piece of music. I don't know who actually wrote the music but he/she/they forgot the hook. I had never heard it before the Oscar telecast and with any luck won't have to sit through it again.
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    Don Henley Says a Former Eagle Will Return to the Band for Upcoming Tour

    I'm guessing it's Randy Meisner.
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    How to start a band...

    Some more advice - when you get together, have a plan. If you are gonna play some covers, decide BEFORE you get together, on some tunes for everyone to learn. Don't get together and just expect for sparks to start flying and the magic to start happening - usually it won't. I promise you that...
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    How to start a band...

    Don't force yourself to try and become a kind of player that you don't have the aptitude, or maybe even interest, to become. Pete Townsend has done quite well for himself playing little or no lead guitar. If riffs and leads aren't your thing it's perfectly OK to concentrate on rhythm guitar skills.
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    1978 ~ 2!!

    Thunder Island
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    Valentine's Day Poll 1

    Slam dunk for me..."Love Is The Answer". BTW, Todd & Utopia's original version is far better than England Dan and John Ford Coley'***** cover version.
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    American Idol Moments

    Absolutely the truth! Whatever posessed them to hire her for the show? she's unbelievably bad.
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    Styx (Official Thread)

    I agree that Lawrence Gowan has been a really good replacement for Dennis DeYoung. He's nowhere near as good a singer as DeYoung but his voice is very similar in tone so he does a pretty good job covering those songs. I DO think Gowan's an exceptionally good keyboard player and more than fills...

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