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  1. architect

    Led Zeppelin In Through the Out Door album cover variants

    Hey there all Zep heads! Recently I found out about the 6 cover variants on ITTOD vinyl and the water color inner sleeve which just blew my mind! :pullhair: I just tried it and the cigarette pack actually turned blue!! Anyway, my question is: Is any one of these six variant covers more...
  2. architect

    RIP Lemmy

    RIP Lemmy, dead at age 70. :uh:
  3. architect

    Random Prog Battle

    Random Prog Battle! :woot: In The Court of The Crimson King-- King Crimson SR5RzhqCDXc vs. In The Land of Grey and Pink- Caravan 9hmFzGTxod4
  4. architect

    Do you prefer Music or Movies/TV?

    I watch my share of TV, mostly sports and PBS, but I have no real interest in anything that is on TV today. I would rather listen to music. Sometimes I don't turn the TV on for a week at a time because I'm exploring an artist's discography or getting into a new band. And I have an infinite...
  5. architect

    Picking sides: Pink Floyd The Wall

    Well, Picking discs actually Which disc do you enjoy more, one or two? Disc 1 In The Flesh The Thin Ice Another Brick In The Wall part 1 Another Brick in The Wall part 2 Mother Goodbye Blue Sky Young **** One of My Turns Don't Leave Me Now Another Brick in The Wall...
  6. architect

    Jazz covers of Black Sabbath

    Found this by accident the other day and it is awesome!!! Jazz covers of Black Sabbath???????:pullhair: They have a whole album of 'em called Kind of Black. qzVYWwSzByA mlJIrcjpFPA ICVtL2ah7XQ
  7. architect

    Storm Thorgerson Dies at Age 70

    This man designed most of your album collection! :bow: Very sad news. I knew Storm had had a ****** a few years back and been ill for some time. BBC News - Pink Floyd album designer Storm Thorgerson dies
  8. architect

    Prog Rock Britannia BBC

    A pretty cool documentary about British prog Rt6uWZpIiMY
  9. architect


    Passport is a 70's German fusion band I've been listening to lately. They're really growing on me. Anyone else listen to them? Here's a few of my favorite songs SG4YO0w-_30 ZbaVa3_GkBY dN2lKg2y2HA L5Z-gKONkM4
  10. architect

    A Motown Poll

    Travelling to the Motor City for this one folks!!! Which Motown hit is your favorite? sti_tuBiv5g eEcLuVhRbkU -rwvH7Y4RG8 Z47xJhnEOVI FI7CtxlisCk
  11. architect

    Best Song on Metallica -Master of Puppets

    Best Song on Metallica -Master of Puppets
  12. architect

    Best Song on Slayer- Reign In Blood

    Best Song on Slayer- Reign In Blood?
  13. architect

    4 Way Street -CSNY vs. Live At Leeds- The Who

    vs. Which do you think is the better album?
  14. architect

    Brand X (Official Thread)

    Brand X on Wikipedia Albums Unorthodox Behaviour (1976) Moroccan Roll (1977) Masques (1978) Product (1979) Do They Hurt? (1980) Is There Anything About? (1982) Xcommunication (1992) Manifest Destiny (1997) Missing Period (recorded 1975-1976, released 1997) Brand X is my...
  15. architect

    Someone Saved My Life Tonight vs. Miami 2017(Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)

    Which do you prefer?? u18dXZzslF0 or oPpKfnNkDB0
  16. architect

    Your Top 10 bands, artists, composers, etc

    What are the top ten bands, artists, in your musical life?:):) I will post mine in the future. I need a bit to think about it.:D
  17. architect

    People who don't like music?

    :***:Anyone know people like this? I was talking to a group of co-workers recently. We were casually talking about music each of us relating favorite bands, songs, concerts we'd been to, and one person said that he didn't really listen to music. I asked him if he had a favorite band and...
  18. architect

    Top Ten Songs You Can't Live Without

    So we all have those songs that make us feel a certain way or evoke a memory, or just send us someplace unimaginable. These are the songs that we simply couldn't bear not ever hearing again. Pink Floyd- Careful With That Axe, Eugene Kevin Ayers- Oh Wot A Dream Joe Walsh- One and One...
  19. architect

    Comfortably Numb vs. Stairway To Heaven

    :omg::omg:The Epic poll:omg::omg::heheh: Bpzxf_flm8M or w9TGj2jrJk8
  20. architect

    Candy and A Currant Bun vs. Waterloo Sunset

    I3-Jow1Eik0 5J3gX47rHGg
  21. architect

    Time Vs. Immigrant Song

    9-HhW691OUQ nBmueYJ0VhA
  22. architect

    Happiness Is A Warm Gun vs. Wish You Were Here

    Happiness Is A Warm Gun vs. Wish You Were Here xTU2Y0VFH0E oFeHuIbtsGg
  23. architect

    Cowgirl In The Sand vs. Almost Cut My Hair

    Which is better to you? Neil Young -Cowgirl in The Sand -6ibl6PIKPM or CSNY- Almost Cut My Hair P7cPN_O9i4g

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