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  1. ThinLizzyFan

    Stp live

    Hello Friends! Just a note to say I saw Stone Temple Pilots in NJ on Saturday and they were amazing.. there is some great footage on Youtube if anyone would like to enjoy.. You all are wonderful. Have a great day! ROCK ON TLF
  2. ThinLizzyFan

    Old Time Jukebox songs.. put a quarter in!!

    Hello Everyone, In the spirit of "this site is awesome" and we all have songs we love , and want to share, I thought it would be fun to have a "JUKEBOX" here, where we all put songs in and listen to what others would play if we were all together, lifting a drink in a smokey bar.. songs just...
  3. ThinLizzyFan

    TT QUick

    These guys used to melt my mind live.. No Life Till Metal Page Metal of Honor (CD - 1986) Sloppy Seconds (CD - 1989) Thrown Together Live (CD - 1992) Ink (CD - 2000) TT QUICK.. Front Burner oWXzmcGZGfE
  4. ThinLizzyFan


    These guys are one of my favs.. I think they are creative and hard hitting..
  5. ThinLizzyFan

    Hello fellow rockers! pumped to be here..

    Hi everyone...lets rock

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