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  1. ThinLizzyFan

    What's Your Favorite Whitesnake song?

    Judgement Day
  2. ThinLizzyFan

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    amazing band
  3. ThinLizzyFan

    "Bulletproof" -Queensryche

    No Tate = No queensryche.. period
  4. ThinLizzyFan

    Aerosmith Announce First ‘Farewell’? Tour Dates

    They are true Icons.. I have seen them many times since 1978.. I suggest getting any ticket to any show they do ..period.
  5. ThinLizzyFan

    Boston: "Walk On" -- I dismissed it at first...

    I loved and saw Boston in 1978 or so.. I will check it out
  6. ThinLizzyFan

    Saxon (Official Thread)

    great band ..I saw them a few times during denim and leather.and Strong Arm tour time..
  7. ThinLizzyFan

    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    Long Live the Great Phil Lynott!
  8. ThinLizzyFan

    The BEATLES (Official Thread)

    happy birthday to Sir Paul
  9. ThinLizzyFan

    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    Greatest band in Rock history!!! great shots Moore 82
  10. ThinLizzyFan

    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    THIN LIZZY IS THE BEST! I recommend the "Still Dangerous" release from Philly that was put out 2 years ago.. its amazing
  11. ThinLizzyFan

    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    LG is Wise...:bow:
  12. ThinLizzyFan

    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

  13. ThinLizzyFan

    New Queensryche (Geoff Tate) album "Frequency Unknown"

    anybody hear the samples of Frequency Unknown?...I really like it.. its pretty heavy and modern...look at the list of musicians on it.. holy cow.. its on Itunes
  14. ThinLizzyFan

    New Queensryche (Geoff Tate) album "Frequency Unknown"

    With tate..same venue...Tates voice is still strong and majestic Queensryche Live in Nashville - November 2011 - YouTube
  15. ThinLizzyFan

    New Queensryche (Geoff Tate) album "Frequency Unknown"

    Todd LaTorre... hahahaha... he cant even come close..this clown sucks.. last nights concert...what a joke... This band is finished.. Queensryche - The Needle Lies - Wildhorse Saloon ( Nashville, TN 12 MAR 2013) - YouTube
  16. ThinLizzyFan

    New Queensryche (Geoff Tate) album "Frequency Unknown"

    Its not that simple ... The name is what brings in fans and merchandising.. but its over for this band and like LG said its really over for this band.. the songs are done, most of their material after Empire has been mediocre and now the band is two bands.. and neither is worth much effort to...
  17. ThinLizzyFan

    Geoff Tate unveils the new Queensryche

    I think this could be very interesting.... no prog ... but it can be good
  18. ThinLizzyFan

    New Queensryche (Geoff Tate) album "Frequency Unknown"

    Hi LG, What happened was the band has no ideas and they had to fulfill their record deal and Tate was the only one that put the effort in, Tate then used studio musicians for most of the album as Jackason and Wilton just had no ideas and never showed up to play their bits.. as the music became...
  19. ThinLizzyFan

    New Queensryche (Geoff Tate) album "Frequency Unknown"

    Rockenfield, Jackson and Wilton cant write anything..and Tate should have ditched them years ago.. They just collected paychecks off of the material tate and degarmo wrote.. Tate owes them nothing..I hope Geoff blows them away the band of leaches with Todd Latorre is horrible, and is lost...
  20. ThinLizzyFan

    New Queensryche (Geoff Tate) album "Frequency Unknown"

    Witon is really not that good.. sad to say... he should be sending Geoff a thank you every day for not ditching him after Chris left.. Geoff could have gone the Ozzy route and become huge without the what was left of Ryche
  21. ThinLizzyFan

    New Queensryche (Geoff Tate) album "Frequency Unknown"

    Geoff is Queensryche.... Ive known and met him and this band sinc 1983.. the other guys that are left are zeros and leaches.. Scott can drum but the others are mediocre and should be so thankful Geoff gave the career after Chris left.. rthe new guy Todd is a disaster, his voice is shrill and...
  22. ThinLizzyFan

    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    Hello to all my Thin Lizzy friends!
  23. ThinLizzyFan

    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    and Metal Priest..I saw Cheap Trick on that tour in 1978!!! what a show!!!
  24. ThinLizzyFan

    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    Hello to all the great people and friends here.hello LG!!! Long Live the Mighty Thin Lizzy!!!

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