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  1. sco703

    Tame Impala (Official Thread)

    Great band. Definitely dig their old school psychedelic rock sound. Kevin Parker is a great songwriter with an excellent ear for production. His girlfriend fronts the band Melody's Echo Chamber, whose first record he produced and played on. Apocalypse Dreams - one of my favorites KQH2Kq1QXaI
  2. sco703

    Local Natives

    Listen to this band. Their latest album, Hummingbird, is absolutely amazing.
  3. sco703

    Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

    Glad someone else here knows about them. I enjoy Before Today. Certainly has some great tracks.
  4. sco703

    King Crimson (Official Thread)

    Discipline is excellent. Red is also great but I need to listen to that and the rest of their catalog much more.
  5. sco703

    Protest The Hero (Official Thread)

    Re: Protest The Hero This thread is in terrible need of an update. What an amazing band. Saw Protest a few days ago. I had an amazing time and got some pics with Arif and Luke. Fantastic night. Too bad the venue didn't pay them their guarantee.
  6. sco703

    Metallica (Official Thread)

    Metallica today is Metallica today. Can't hold a candle to their old stuff. IMO, all you can hope for is a good live show. As far as albums go, I've pretty much given up on them.
  7. sco703

    Trivium (Official Thread)

    In waves is way too commercial metalcore for my tastes.
  8. sco703

    Marc Martel is Freddie Mercury in new Queen tribute

    Wow he sounds just like him. If only we could find a gilmour or waters equivalent for these pink floyd cover bands.
  9. sco703

    Looking ahead to 2012....

    Baroness, Torche, Between the Buried and Me, Lamb of God (maybe they can return to form?), East of the Wall, Gojira, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rush, Last Chance To Reason
  10. sco703

    Universal Music Group Sues Grooveshark

    Doesn't surprise me. They're greedy. They want their money. People will turn to other alternatives if need be.
  11. sco703

    Porcupine Tree (Official Thread)

    been listenin to In Absentia for a month or so but just picked it up a few days ago.
  12. sco703

    myGRAIN (Official Thread)

    I like the band name.
  13. sco703

    Metallica (Official Thread)

    I'm the same way. That's why I love Between the Buried and Me. They write long songs, but their songs are constantly going to different places. Have you ever heard of them? I'm seeing them tomorrow night. Super psyched! Will be my second time seeing them.
  14. sco703

    Alice In Chains (Official Thread)

    Fantastic band. My personal favorite is probably Dirt, followed very closely Jar of Flies.
  15. sco703

    Korn (Official Thread)

  16. sco703

    Black Sabbath (Official Thread)

    Re: Black Sabbath (Official) I just picked up Master of Reality tonight, along with some other CD's. Looking forward to listening to it.
  17. sco703

    A Random Poll

    Caress of Steel.
  18. sco703

    Animals vs Close To The Edge

  19. sco703

    Caress Of Steel vs Who Do You Think We Are

    Caress of Steel
  20. sco703

    (Favorite Album) The Who: Who's Next vs A Quick One vs Quadrophenia

    Who's Next is a perfect record. Easy choice. But I agree that Tommy should be here, as that's my second favorite from them.
  21. sco703

    - W - Song Poll - Part TWO (Pick 5!!!)

    The Wind Cries Mary Wild World Welcome to the Machine We Can Work it Out We're Not Gonna Take It
  22. sco703

    (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay vs. I Heard It Through The Grapevine

    Sittin on the dock of the bay. Reminds me of my father.
  23. sco703

    Go Your Own Way vs. Livin' Thing

    This is so difficult it's not fair. But I'm going with my first thoughts which was for Go Your Own Way.
  24. sco703

    Uptown Girl vs. Her Strut

    Seeing as Billy is one of my all-time favorite artists, this is an easy choice. Uptown Girl it is.

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