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  1. Titokinz

    Summer is here... What are your favorite Summer Songs?

    Boys of Summer by Don Henley. There is something mesmerizing about this song, makes me want to jump into a convertible and head aimlessly down an open highway.
  2. Titokinz

    A few Rap tunes if you will

    Old school hip hop or underground rap for me. :) Every genre has it's great and not-so great musicians. Some people are too fast to put this genre down because of what they hear on the radio nowadays (most of it is crap in my opinion), take the effort to look up different artists online because...
  3. Titokinz

    Ten Songs from an Artist/Band Using Videos

    3. Faithfully OMD8hBsA-RI
  4. Titokinz

    Astronomy Original or Cover

    Original by far! Puts me in a trance.
  5. Titokinz

    Westboro church plans to protest george jones funeral

    Unfortunately the WBC has gained a reputation of doing this at funerals. Especially at soldier's funerals. It's sad, deluded and makes me pity the children that are being brainwashed by their own parents. Besides the point though. I think it would be nice to see a some sort of celebration...
  6. Titokinz

    Ten Songs from an Artist/Band Using Videos

    4. Doctor Doctor TDRHuVqO1dE
  7. Titokinz

    Best Nirvana Album??

    Although Nevermind has produced some of my favourite Nirvana songs, so has Bleach. And Bleach had a very unique impulse that studio machines nor technology can regenerate. It just felt raw, filthy and spontaneous. It was like the album was a newborn baby the band birthed that was completely...
  8. Titokinz

    Your favorite style/genre of music is...

    Definitely "Alternative rock", because it's such a general term and so many bands I adore fit into that category.
  9. Titokinz

    Favorite 15 SUN titled songs?

    Alice In Chains - Sunshine Walk The Moon - Anna Sun Jimmy Eat World - My Sundown Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun Augustana - Sunday Best White Zombie - Black Sunshine The Doors - Waiting For The Sun I Mother Earth - Another Sunday Meat Puppets - Taste Of The Sun Weezer - Island In The Sun...
  10. Titokinz

    Top 25 Songs Including "LOVE" In The Title.

    Said The Whale - I Love You Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love The Lumineers - Stubborn Love The Verve - Love Is Noise Nirvana - Love Buzz David Bowie - Modern Love Pearl Jam - State Of Love And Trust Diamond Rings - Runaway Love Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love Jimi Hendrix Experience - Bold As...
  11. Titokinz

    No More VS Sweet Leaf VS *******

    Sweet Leaf, loved this song before I even knew what it was. :flirt
  12. Titokinz

    Oasis vs. The Verve

    Two English alternative rock bands. Both forming and disbanding around the same time. Both commercially successful. So, the question remains, which of the two Brit groups is more popular on CRF? Oasis g3C7DECI0jU6hzrDeceEKc 4fLR3FRaFsQFOTsS2mplA0 or The Verve...
  13. Titokinz

    The N Word As it is Found In Rock

  14. Titokinz

    Ten Songs from an Artist/Band Using Videos

    7. The Sweet - Blockbuster BgrYf7VWASE
  15. Titokinz

    Biggest Female Rock Star of All Time?

    Hmmm, thinking of of a gal who applies to most cliches of a rock-star, I will agree that it doesn't get bigger than Joan Jett.
  16. Titokinz

    Happy Birthday, Titokinz!

    Legal drinking age in my province was 3 years ago :D heheh, thank you everyone! You guys are awesome.
  17. Titokinz

    10 songs (videos)

    10. Snow (Hey Oh) - RHCP Songs with a body part in the title
  18. Titokinz

    Best Australian Group

    Angel City/The Angels! Great rock band.
  19. Titokinz

    What portable media player do you use

    Ipod classic but of course. Can't beat 160 gb worth of space, well worth the chunkiness of the ****** thing.
  20. Titokinz

    Who is your favorite Canadian Music Artist or Band?

    Love, love, love Matthew Good. Saw him and his band live last year and he has the same chops you'd hear on his albums.
  21. Titokinz

    Born To Be Wild vs Highway Star

    Deep Purple takes this one, essential road trip music.
  22. Titokinz

    Wont Get Fooled Again VS Free Bird

    FREEBIRD!!!! That tune deserves all the recognition it gets.
  23. Titokinz

    Jumpin' Jack Flash vs. Time Of The Season

    Stones! Such a classic.
  24. Titokinz

    T Shirts

    Eh, I don't really go out shopping for shirts but I will buy some memorabilia at a concert for sure. Just as a reminder of the show (and a bit of bragging rights haha). Back in high school, they were used too much as a uniform though. Well...even now I guess they still are.

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