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  1. Kuaizi

    Mashup: Metallica and Bryan Adams?

    Haha this is good!
  2. Kuaizi


    All Along the Watchtower
  3. Kuaizi


    Thick as a Brick!
  4. Kuaizi


    We're Not Gonna Take It
  5. Kuaizi


    Breakfast in America
  6. Kuaizi


    Turn to Stone - great track to start off a great album! One of my favorites
  7. Kuaizi

    Muse (Official Thread)

    I got a pretty good deal on seats on stubhub - didn't wanna pay too much so I'm up in the rafters (though in the first row ;) ). Tickets can be pretty pricey these days~
  8. Kuaizi

    Muse (Official Thread)

    :cheers2 So I officially bought my tickets to see them in March here in Chicago. I am very excited!!! Anyone else seeing them on their latest tour?
  9. Kuaizi

    Muse (Official Thread)

    A great heavy track. It's hard to believe sometimes that this is the same band that just made Madness. Just shows their diversity but yeah - they should come back next album with at least a few really kick *** tunes like this one! TiTCGPvtbQ0
  10. Kuaizi

    Muse (Official Thread)

    Been loving this song lately: GS4d8H19ZB8
  11. Kuaizi

    Muse (Official Thread)

    So I have to admit Muse has now crept up into my top ten favorite bands. I don't think a day has gone by where I haven't listened to some Muse since I have discovered them! I think I'm a little obsessed at the moment. Is this a problem? LOL
  12. Kuaizi

    The Darkness (Official Thread)

    I did notice that as well with the very high notes. I couldn't tell if he was trying to make them sound more gnarly or if he was straining to hit them. I hope he isn't losing some of his range - that would be sad :( They are touring and stopping here in Chicago in January - thinking of trying to...
  13. Kuaizi

    Muse (Official Thread)

    Anyone planning on seeing Muse on their current tour? It is a high possibility that I am going to get tickets to see them here in Chicago in March - should be a great show!
  14. Kuaizi

    The Darkness (Official Thread)

    Haha I watched the video like yeah - that was pretty bad - then I just saw your comment. LOL!!!! Spongebob hahahaha yeah that's why I can't watch those shows. The judges and audience like the crappiest stuff. I always ask myself - do they have ears??
  15. Kuaizi

    The Darkness (Official Thread)

    Just picked up the new album. I like it! Favorite song on it right now: tPmwkEmsSLM
  16. Kuaizi

    New Van Halen album already in the can for 2013?

    As much as another album from VH will be cool, I still miss Michael Anthony in the band..... it's just not the same for me
  17. Kuaizi

    Favourite Places To Buy Music?

    yeah I go to the Disc Replay up in Lombard a lot. They have a pretty good selection up there usually. :grinthumb I tend to download a lot of music nowadays from amazon. They have a lot of albums that go on sale for $5 here and there, and I already have soooo many physical cds that I have no...
  18. Kuaizi

    Van Halen VS Adele

    Van Halen easy... I can't stand Adele - I tried listening to her songs but I feel like she is just yelling at me the whole time. I really don't get what the big dealio is! (music now just sucks so bad something mediocre sounds glorious LOL) I could go on but I won't since there are a few Adele...
  19. Kuaizi

    Muse vs Pink Floyd

    I may be way off base here, but when I think of a Muse comparison, I think mainly of a Queen progression than Pink Floyd. PF was very experimental in a much different way than Muse. I feel PF also had the internal progression of Waters taking over the band over the records causing his eventual...
  20. Kuaizi

    Ben Folds (Official Thread)

    MP - the BFF concert was a lot of fun! They played a ton of stuff, and they sounded amazing. Opened with Michael Praytor, and played most of the new songs from the album sprinkled within older hits. They ended with Underground and One Angry Dwarf which were flippin awesome! Some other songs they...
  21. Kuaizi

    Muse (Official Thread)

    I agree - Animals is AMAZING - I love it!!!! Also, at first, I didn't really like Follow Me but it's growing on me fast - just like Madness... it's actually a very well written song beyond the dubsteppy/electronic elements! (and it tends to get stuck in my head lol)
  22. Kuaizi

    Deftones (Official Thread)

    Wow, really like the song "Leathers." Will have to check this out in a month ;)
  23. Kuaizi

    Muse (Official Thread)

    So I finished listening to the album - twice! So the track I was most surprised by was Animals. Wow - that's a great track! Love the harpsichord in it and the last line: "kill yourself, do us a favor." Anyways, I found the weakest song to be Save Me - I feel Chris' vocals are good on the next...
  24. Kuaizi

    Muse (Official Thread)

    Listening to the new album now - I'm really digging it! I'll have to rank the songs and vote for my favorite after I am done... it's very different from their previous albums which will probably turn off a lot of Muse fans - but I think the song writing is superb~

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