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  1. Ar-Pharazon

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    I fell off buying Yngwie albums quite some time ago. Not because I didn't love his playing, but I just went in a different direction in what music I buy on CD. Same with a lot of the older bands I love.
  2. Ar-Pharazon

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    Ripper has done a number of other projects. More than I was aware of, including 2 Yngwie Malmsteen albums. I gotta pick those up.
  3. Ar-Pharazon

    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    I hate to say it, but KK's Priest is more Priest than Priest these days. They have the energy JP used to. And of course it doesn't hurt to have Ripper tearing it up on vocals.
  4. Ar-Pharazon

    DEEP PURPLE To Release Covers Album 'Turning To Crime' In November; Track Listing, Artwork Revealed

    A video for 7 And 7 Is was released last week (just popped up in my YT feed today) Deep Purple - 7 An 7 Is Still amazing that an American southern rock guy fit into this band so well all these years. I was a huge Steve Morse fan from way back (Dixie Dregs, solo band, his stint in Kansas).
  5. Ar-Pharazon

    Tears For Fears (Official Thread)

    It will be 18 years between the 2004 album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending and 2022's The Tipping Point. A single/video has been released for the title track. It really has that old-school vibe without sounding dated, a really great song. Those 2 "still got it" Tears For Fears-The Tipping Point
  6. Ar-Pharazon


    Richie suffered an aortic aneurysm (or rupture) but came through OK thanks to the University of Louisville surgeons and has already been discharged from the hospital.
  7. Ar-Pharazon

    Bruce Springsteen (Official Thread)

    I had an interesting video pop up in my youtube feed. A new John Mellencamp album is due in Jan.2022. But this single/video features another 80's icon, apparently maybe on a few tracks.
  8. Ar-Pharazon

    John Cougar Mellencamp (Official Thread)

    I had an interesting video pop up in my youtube feed. A new John Mellencamp album is due in Jan.2022. But this single/video features another 80's icon.
  9. Ar-Pharazon

    AC/DC (Official Thread)

    A screencap from the end of the video. Epic coolness.
  10. Ar-Pharazon

    AC/DC (Official Thread)

    The fifth(?) video release from Power Up. Some great old pics interspersed throughout. AC/DC - Through The Mists Of Time
  11. Ar-Pharazon

    Dream Theater (Official Thread)

    Second single/video. The band is even in this one. Dream Theater - Invisible Monster
  12. Ar-Pharazon

    Iron Butterfly (Official Thread)

    The true end of a fairly underrated but great band. I also love the "spinoff" band Captain Beyond, with Reinhardt and Dorman (at least initially). Their drummer is still keeping that band alive.
  13. Ar-Pharazon

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Huh, there's at least two all girl IM cover bands. The aforementioned Iron Maidens, from Los Angeles and the Iron Ladies from Brazil (remember the South American rabid fans comment) Iron Maidens- Iron Ladies-
  14. Ar-Pharazon

    Swallow the Sun (Official Thread)

    Somehow we missed the 2019 album When A Shadow Is Forced Into Light, which is naturally epic BTW. I got a ton of CD's recently that I had been putting off, including this one Now there's already a new album due Nov.19th called Moonflowers. First "single" is out now Swallow The Sun-Woven...
  15. Ar-Pharazon

    Guns 'n' Roses release 2nd "new" single Hard Skool

    Another track that was originally recorded for and not used on Chinese Democracy. Originally titled "Jackie Chan" It certainly sounds a lot better than Absurd. Much more "old skool" GnR. GnR-Hard Skool Is that someone other than Axl singing at the beginning?
  16. Ar-Pharazon

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    You do know Maiden are bigger than god in Japan, right? Also South America, even to this day. Plus there's at least one all-female Maiden cover band, The Iron Maidens.
  17. Ar-Pharazon

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Stratego gets an "official" video. Heavy Metal 3? Iron Maiden-Stratego
  18. Ar-Pharazon

    IRON MAIDEN Announces 17th Studio Album, 'Senjutsu'

    The Time Machine reminds me a little bit of the Killers era in places (or their cover of Space Station #5). Def an early Maiden vibe.
  19. Ar-Pharazon

    Insomnium (Official Thread)

    The last two of the four songs from the Argent Moon EP have come out in recent months. I received the just released EP today with a raven t-shirt. Insomnium-The Antagonist Insomnium-The Wanderer (nice thumbnail)
  20. Ar-Pharazon

    IRON MAIDEN Announces 17th Studio Album, 'Senjutsu'

    Iron Maiden Just Charted Its Best-Ever Album Debut in 45 Years, Thanks to… CDs... The full box sets were slow getting out apparently, but mine is due today.
  21. Ar-Pharazon

    Sound Barrier (Official Thread)

    Sound Barrier, an all-black 4 piece metal band out of L.A. in the early to mid-80's. 2 full albums and 1 EP in the 80's, plus a single in 2017. Spacey T. Guitars (1980-1986, 2016-present) See also: ex-Gangland, ex-Fishbone, ex-Mother's Finest Bernie K. Vocals (1980-1987, 2016-present) See...
  22. Ar-Pharazon

    Anticipated Albums of 2020/2021/2022

    Thanks for this. 4 out of 5 original members too. I think I'll be picking up this band's 5 albums soon. What a difference the "melodic" part makes in melodic death. My top band in the genre is Insomnium, but a fair amount of the bands listed in the genre that I've heard are incredible.
  23. Ar-Pharazon

    Crypt Sermon (Official Thread)

    I was turned onto this band by a fellow MLB chatter a couple months ago. I bought the CD's from the Bandcamp site. "Epic Doom Metal" from Philly. Albums in 2015 and 2019. 2015-Out Of The Garden 1. Temple Doors 2. Heavy Riders 3. Byzantium 4. The Will of the Ancient Call 5. Into the Holy of...
  24. Ar-Pharazon

    Anticipated Albums of 2020/2021/2022

    There should be a new Kamelot album soon, maybe within a month. Probably a few more bands next year. I got so far behind I had to buy 28 CD's recently. Most of them were 2019 and 2020 releases.
  25. Ar-Pharazon

    Can someone help please

    Almost looks like Mr. Cl... C... and yeah, nobody in the band with anything like that. Or a three name type of thing, but still not a match for anyone obvious. Doesn't look like the author's name either. Weird.

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