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  1. Sweaty

    Hunky Dory VS Who's Next?

    Both awesome but Bowie steals it.
  2. Sweaty

    Hi from Essex

    Welcome aboard:)
  3. Sweaty

    Hello from Denmark

    Welcome aboard :)
  4. Sweaty

    Hey all

    Welcome aboard:)
  5. Sweaty

    Aerosmith farewell? ‘We changed our minds’ says Joe Perry

    Be great to catch them again, great live band, stop with the Status Quo farewell tour, rubbish.
  6. Sweaty

    Guns N’ Roses ‘Assembling Ideas’ for Possible New Album

    Can't see this happening anytime soon, Axl is unreliable!!
  7. Sweaty

    Vin Garbutt (Official Thread)

    :rip: very sad news indeed, he will be missed by many, what a great musician, and a nice chap to boot.
  8. Sweaty

    ALICE COOPER: 'Paranormal' Album Artwork Unveiled

    Preordered mine, just the double not the box set, can't see what difference there is to be honest just more expensive.
  9. Sweaty

    Happy Birthday ecisgod

    Happy belated birthday:)
  10. Sweaty

    Happy Birthday Sweaty

    Thanks for all the messages, I had a very good weekend in the pub with good friends.
  11. Sweaty

    ALICE COOPER: 'Paranormal' Album Artwork Unveiled

    I have all his albums, it is a strange cover but I will buy for sure:woot:
  12. Sweaty

    Happy Birthday Prime!

    Happy belated birthday :)
  13. Sweaty

    Hi everyone

    Welcome aboad:)
  14. Sweaty


    Welcome aboard:)
  15. Sweaty

    Hi from Portugal

    Welcome aboard:)
  16. Sweaty

    Hi! Im Sky, 12 Year Old Classic Rock Geek

    Welcome abroad :)
  17. Sweaty

    Sad news: Chris Cornell dead at 52

    :rip: sad loss
  18. Sweaty

    Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow to Release Two New Recordings and 2016 Concert

    Did was the best singer Rainbow had and if it wasn't for Richie's ego he may well have stayed for a few more albums. Will not be buying separate songs, put them on a new album, well one of them anyway.
  19. Sweaty

    Jethro Tull (Official Thread)

    These editions look good, not going to pick them up as I have all their albums remastered and I don't have the room what with everything else I buy.
  20. Sweaty

    Ritchie Blackmore Says He Would Play With Deep Purple Again

    I saw him with purple some time ago with MK II line up and he hade the face on then, I can't see it happening as Steve Morse has been there for some time, Richie is a great guitarist but he is difficult to work with. (some would say "difficult to cure") Didn't get a chance to buy tickets for...
  21. Sweaty

    RIP Gregg Allman

    :rip:He leaves a big hole in the music industry and his legacy will live on forever, so glad I caught you the other year.
  22. Sweaty

    Ronnie Wood Recovering After Surgery

    Speedy recovery Mr Wood
  23. Sweaty

    Black Crowes (Official Thread)

    I have, should be a good album:woot:
  24. Sweaty

    Black Crowes (Official Thread)

    From what I have heard it sounds good.

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