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  1. Red Neck

    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath vs Symptom Of The Universe

    Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm in ecstacy. Oh! Which to choose? Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.
  2. Red Neck

    Highway Star vs Hush

  3. Red Neck

    Smashing Pumpkins vs. Pearl Jam

    Pearl Jam
  4. Red Neck

    Ian Paice vs Bill Ward

    Bill Ward
  5. Red Neck

    Boy Band Poll

    syc New Boys on the Block
  6. Red Neck

    Motorhead Overkill v Metallica Overkill

    The Metallica version is a 'tribute', as are all the songs on Garage Inc. It's almost note for note/word for word perfect of the Motorhead version. No disrespect to Metallica, but I've got to go with Motorhead. Certainly not because of the quality, but sh!t! We're talking about MOTORHEAD, man.
  7. Red Neck

    Symptom Of The Universe vs Space Station #5

    Symptom of the Universe
  8. Red Neck

    (Favorite Song) The Doors: L.A. Woman

    Riders On The Storm
  9. Red Neck

    (Favorite Song) The Doors: The Doors

    Break On Through
  10. Red Neck

    Waiting For The Worms VS Waiting For The Bus

    Have mercy! ZZ Top
  11. Red Neck

    Side Two - Track 1 (Part 7)

    Dio Zep 'snake Saxon
  12. Red Neck

    Travelin' Band vs We're an American Band

    Travellin' Band
  13. Red Neck

    Under the Bridge Vs. Material Girl

    Under the Bridge, lol. Can't stand Maddona
  14. Red Neck

    Pump It Up vs Steppin' Out

    Pump It Up
  15. Red Neck

    Still In Love With You vs. One Of These Nights

    Still in Love With You
  16. Red Neck

    It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It) or Long Live Rock?

    Re: It's Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It) or Love Live Rock? The Rolling Stones
  17. Red Neck

    Children Of The Grave or Back In The Saddle?

    No contest - Black Sabbath

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