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  1. Marielle Miguel

    As you cope with the help of music.

    Likewise! Aside from guitars, are you playing other instruments?
  2. Marielle Miguel

    As you cope with the help of music.

    Thank you. I have recently been thinking about career choices in music and I found music therapy- This looks like something I would quite like to choose as a career path, so I was wondering if anybody had any experiences, or comments about this. :)
  3. Marielle Miguel

    As you cope with the help of music.

    “It’s worth noting that music itself wasn’t the coping aid, but rather, music-related behavior, specifically the ways people have adapted their musical behaviors during the crisis. In this regard, music listening and music making appear to provide different coping potentials,” explains Melanie...
  4. Marielle Miguel

    Do you agree with Jerry Cantrell that Alice in Chains are essentially a metal band?

    To say they emerged from the same scene as the likes of Nirvana is a little misleading. They were a straight-up hair metal band before they changed their sound up. Those early songs are embarrassing.
  5. Marielle Miguel

    Greetings all!

    Hello and welcome!
  6. Marielle Miguel

    Dedicate a song to someone!

    Dedicating this to my best friend of 30 years.
  7. Marielle Miguel

    App for editing & arranging audio?

    Whoa! That looks like it might be the ticket... No idea (other than App Stores HORRIBLE search of course) how I managed to miss it.
  8. Marielle Miguel


    I always loved watching covers. They are so artistic in nature, lovely!
  9. Marielle Miguel

    Dancing in the Street: Bowie & Jagger vs. Van Halen?

    Without any second thought, Van Halen.
  10. Marielle Miguel

    Quiet Songs.

  11. Marielle Miguel

    Actress Tawny Kitaen Dead at 59

    Rest in Peace, Julie. Her Dad only passed away a month ago, on April 12th.
  12. Marielle Miguel

    Quiet Songs.

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