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    Favorite 80's guitarist?

    Vito Bratta, my hero! :mn:
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    Your latest Concert DVD/Blu-ray Purchases?

    I got a used DVD of The Song Remains the Same, but it didn't work. I had to throw it away. Sending it back would have cost as much as I paid for it in the first place. Bummer!
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    Ann Wilson to Release Covers Album, ‘Songs for the Living, Vol. 1′

    Nah. Ann is one of my all-time favorite singers, but this album is most definitely not my cup of tea.
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    Controversial or unpopular opinions

    Eddie Van Halen= right place, right time. Vito Bratta (who?) did what he did, only fifty zillion times better. He's the one who ought to be the household name and the millionaire for it.
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    What classical would you suggest to a rock fan

    I'm iffy on reposting the Youtube of it because of copyright, but: Martha Argerich playing the three parts of "Gaspard de la Nuit" by Maurice Ravel You will really love this performance if you like dark, melodic rock!
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    Best Led Zeppelin Album?

    I love III, especially "Friends". I loved their folk-influenced stuff!
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    Favorite 80's guitarist?

    Vito Bratta

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