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  1. don1960lp

    Me, Myself, and I: Clips of my stuff.

    Here's some stuff I've recorded over the past dozen years or so. All instrumental and all guitar driven. Looking forward to comments and whether or not you dig it. Stipulate to Modulate (might have to rewind to the beginning of this.)
  2. don1960lp

    A list of my gear.

    - Kiesel Vader dual humbucker with trem - Kiesel Vader 3 single coils with trem - Kiesel Vader 7 string multi-scale hardtail - Kiesel Vader 4 string bass - Kiesel HS2 Holdsworth Sig bridge bucker only with trem - Fender custom shop 57 re-issue strat with Gilmour SS trem - Music Man 6 string...
  3. don1960lp

    Hi All: Classic Rocker Here

    Born in 1960. Massive fan of so many classic bands as well as a lot of newer stuff and genres other than rock. Picked up a guitar at 14, played pro from 17 till 21, then got a real job. :nana: Never stopped playing though. I currently have 1 acoustic, 1 bass, and 6 electrics along with all...

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