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    RIP Alan Lancaster

    Alan Lancaster bass player and founding member of Status Quo has died aged 72 RIP Alan
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    Charlie Watts RIP

    The death has just been announced of the death of Charlie Watts aged 80 of the Rolling Stones today 24/08/21 RIP Charlie...
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    Ten Years After 1967-1974 box

    I came across by chance a copy of the Ten Years After 1967-1974 box set selling for £35 in a HMV shop in London recently which apparently was released in 2017 and is a very limited release according to what I read with only 1500 box sets being produced?. I believe I read that it's 'normal price'...
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    Van Halen 1998

    I bought a double-cd of a 1998 radio broadcast of the band playing Pittsburgh USA with Gary Cherron ex Extreme on vocals promoting the Van Halen III album although I haven't played it yet. Van Halen III isn't regarded to highly by Van Halen fans but I thought it was ok. Also I have a Van Halen...
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    John 'Rabbit' Bundrick

    Rabbit I believe I saw you once post on a rock forum years ago regarding Tetsu (Japanese bass player in Free 1972-73) so if you don't mind coming on here 'lets talk' especially about your time in Free and one of your songs that I like I'm On The Run I've been playing it a lot lately. Rabbit a...
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    Summer Greetings

    Summer greetings from a usually rainswept England to all the rockers and hippies on planet Earth and from beyond the Milky Way ...
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    Thin Lizzy box set

    I just bought a x6 cds & one dvd Thin Lizzy box set to go with all my other 'Lizzy' stuff. The Thin Lizzy box set is a killer release rock dudes from Ireland's greatest heavy rock band of all time and fronted by 'rock god' Phil Lynott poet and rockstar and vagabond of the western world.
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    Spinal Tap manager dies

    A brief mention of the death of British actor and comedian Tony Hendra who died in early March. Tony played Spinal Taps road manager in the 1984 movie about a fictional heavy metal band on tour. Tony Hendra 1941-2021-
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    Posting music?

    Hey fellow rock fans can I make a suggestion that when posting music can a song title be posted as well guys?. On the PC that I am forced to use (a works PC) music and music videos are barred so it would be nice to know what has been posted even though I haven't a clue?. Rock on dudes!!.
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    Get rid of the picture!!.

    SDM can you get rid of that stupid picture of those Victorian people I HATE OLD PICTURES like that thing that keeps appearing every 2 minutes those dudes all look strange in those old clothes. Keep on rocking dude
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    Sylvain Sylvain RIP

    Sylvain Sylvain real name Sylvain Mizrahi of The New York Dolls passes away aged 69 just a few weeks short of his 70th birthday. RIP...
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    Tim Bogert RIP

    The death has been announced of TIM BOGERT 76 onetime bass player with VANILLA FUDGE, CACTUS & BECK BOGERT & APPICE (BBA) "I was only listening to the Beck Bogert Appice album from 1973 a week ago." "Leslie West a couple of weeks ago and now Tim Bogert we're losing a lot of them from rocks...
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    Hendrix in Maui 1970

    I recently bought this new double-cd release of a live Jimi Hendrix concert featuring Billy Cox on bass & Mitch Mitchell on drums on what became known as the Cry of Love tour during the spring & summer of 1970 part of which took place on the island of Maui in Hawaii back in July 1970 and is...
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    Johnny Nash RIP

    Possibly overshadowed by the sad news of Eddie Van Halen's passing also saw the death of Johnny Nash reggae performer yesterday Tuesday 6th October who had a string of hit singles during the 1970s with possibly his biggest hit I Can See Clearly Now in 1972. Johnny Nash 1940-2020. RIP Johnny
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    Jimi's last gig today in 1970

    Fifty years ago to the day Jimi Hendrix performed his last major concert that took place today on Sunday September 6th 1970 on the Isle of Fehmarn West Germany where Jimi, Mitch Mitchell & Billy Cox headlined at the 'Love and Peace festival' performing a short 70 minutes set during a windy and...
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    Motorhead 1991-2015 cds

    I am just in the process over the coming months of buying Motorhead cds from 1916 through to Bad Magic anyway I have many of them currently except for 1916 (I had it 15+ years ago but lost it) March Or Die, ********, Kiss Of Death, Motorizer, The World Is Yours & Aftershock. I only ever use to...
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    Nazareth: No Mean City

    I just recently bought a new/mint reproduced copy of the Nazareth vinyl album No Mean City that was originally released in 1978 mainly for the album cover artwork which was pretty 'out there' for 1978 although the album contains a pretty good bunch of Nazareth songs and is quite a good heavy...
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    Ricky Valance

    Ricky Valance (1939-2020) has died aged 84 after a long illness. Ricky had a number one hit single with Tell Laura I Love Her in 1960.
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    Larry Wallis 'belated' RIP

    I am not sure if this has already been mentioned on the forum previously but I didn't know until this evening (01/06/20) that Larry Wallis guitarist passed away last September in 2019. Larry along with Lemmy on bass & vocals and Lucas Fox on drums formed the original MOTORHEAD line up which...
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    Welsh rockers MAN

    In short a five piece and sometimes a four piece Welsh progressive rock band formed in late 1968 and who were into the US sounds of west coast bands like The Quicksilver Messenger Service and especially it's leader guitarist & vocalist John Cipollina who toured and played with the band during...
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    Marty Wilde

    Marty Wilde the British 1950s rock & roller and father of Kim Wilde who is now 80 years old appeared live on BBC radio 4 on Saturday evening the 4th May 2019 between 6:50-6:58pm (London time) and gave a brief interview and performed Teenager In Love with his own band in front of a small audience...
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    Gerry Stickells/Hendrix

    A belated mention in the passing of Gerry Stickells (1942-2019) who passed away on March 6th 2019 and who was a onetime roadie and road manager to JIMI HENDRIX. It was Gerry Stickells who had to identify Jimi's dead body on the 18th September 1970 after Jimi passed away in London and who also...
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    California Jam 1974

    I have been re-watching several times over the last few days DEEP PURPLE'S performance at the California Jam in April 1974 in a fuller more complete version of there concert performance that includes the previously missing Lay Down Stay Down plus some extra on stage scenes that were not included...
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    Good day SDM. Is there any chance of re-instating the BIGGER SIZE LETTERS when posting a post on a topic?. Onetime if I selected no.7 (on the scale of nos.1-7) the letters would be maybe x3 times the size of what they are now and when your talking about rock n roll you want it BIGGER AND LOUDER...
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    Jimmy Page 'tormented' by Robbie Williams?

    According to what is currently posted on a BBC NEWS website (13/01/19) it is claimed that the Take That singer Robbie Williams is currently "tormenting" his neighbour Jimmy Page over a 'building dispute' whereby Robbie Williams wants to build a 'basement swimming pool' next door to Jimmy's house...

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