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  1. Ember

    The CRF's Greatest Bassists Results: #40-1

    Re: The CRF's Greatest Bassists Results: #40-11 I don't see Chris Squire yet so he'll definitely be in the top echelon. I'm surprised Jaco isn't in the top 10. And that Waters and Levin didn't score higher.
  2. Ember

    how do you listen to your music at home?

    I like listening to music in get every nuance and can really immerse yourself into the "musical journey". Bose headphones at home when I'm in one place but I just got a pair of earbuds for when I'm having to be mobile. Got the Ink'd brand but they're pretty good. Fit me...
  3. Ember

    Hello from Southern California

    Hello! From a fellow So. Californian.
  4. Ember

    My Intro

    See....and here I thought Slip was the slick one. :heheh:
  5. Ember

    My Intro

    For heaven's sake! Don't scare her!
  6. Ember

    People who don't like music?

    Haha! I know. I actually stumbled on the Dogs vs Cats thread and refused to read further for fear my newfound respect for some of ya would be crushed. I want to believe you are nice people but after reading some of those cat comments.....well.......(Looking your way ILJP!). Seriously, you...
  7. Ember

    That Was Then, This Is Now

    This freaked me out when I saw that pic the other day. Did you read what she's been posting about? Poor thing, she's gone over the deep end and no one is keeping her in check. It's very sad.
  8. Ember

    My Intro

    Great intro. Welcome. Just found this place myself not too long ago and love it. It's a great group of people. Hope you enjoy it here! :)
  9. Ember

    Sexy men in music!

    Nice pics everyone. But even nicer to know that after gazing upon all this sexiness I still find my own man o' music to be the sexiest.
  10. Ember

    People who don't like music?

    There's only one person that comes to my mind that flatout refuses to listen to any music and will say he actually dislikes it. That man is a divorce lawyer. Not saying anything against lawyers mind you but sometimes reality makes for better this case a lawyer joke.
  11. Ember

    People who don't like music?

    I'm right there with you. I have a few other prerequisites but these would be at the top of the list
  12. Ember

    Foo Fighters (Official Thread)

    I love the Foo Fighters! They have a fun spirit in their videos too. Some of them crack me up
  13. Ember

    People who don't like music?

    Don't trust 'em! :heheh: I have met a few people who don't like music...not just "aren't that into it"...I mean they blatantly do not like it. They also aren't into other forms of art. Some people just don't get art in general and do not see any importance or usefulness in it. For these kinds...
  14. Ember

    well hello there!

    Hi and welcome!!!! :wtocg:
  15. Ember

    Kudos to the forum

    Ok, that just cracked me up! Thank you so much for that. You are much too kind. I just found some kindred spirits is all. :D
  16. Ember

    Kudos to the forum

    Ahahahahaaa!!! That's funny! So....what do you have to do to get spanked around here??? ;)
  17. Ember

    Kudos to the forum

    Don't misunderstand me, this post was just on the heels of coming from that other forum. It was nice to know there was somewhere to go to wipe the ugliness from my brain. Kind of nice when you have your faith in humanity soiled like that and realize "Oh, wait, it's this place. Not everyone is...
  18. Ember

    Kudos to the forum

    The compliment was for the forum folk as well as kissing knows no bounds I guess. But if you'd like to eliminate yourself from the praise I'll accomodate you. :heheh:
  19. Ember

    Music Confession!

    Interesting how this works. Through that link I clicked on one of the side videos and discovered her which I find so beautiful. A lot of her songs are beautiful. I'd like to hear her voice with a more Jobim instrumentation and arrangement. She reminds me of Ellis Regina (I think that's the...
  20. Ember

    Music Confession!

    I know! It's freaking me out too, believe me. But I do love it. BTW, thanks for your permission. :heheh:
  21. Ember

    Music Confession!

    I am falling in love with Nicki Minaj! I never thought I'd say I'm a fan of rap. I've liked some hip hop but not the majority. Nicki at least approaches rap in a very musical manner. Her phrasing and intonation are beautiful and her humorous approach makes it work for me. Her rap parts in...
  22. Ember

    "Good Evening..."

    Yeah! What he said! :tup: Welcome Progaholic!
  23. Ember

    Kudos to the forum

    [Warning...long post ahead - proceed at will] Been here a short while now but I'm already a "senior member" it seems, I've been posting like crazy because you guys are such a fun group. I'm a forum dweller.....knitting forums, cooking forums, music, art, pregnancy, and even betta
  24. Ember

    Queen vs The Doors (Band battle)

    Re: The Doors versus Queen! For me, hands down, Queen
  25. Ember

    Happy Birthday Astrid Kirchherr65!!

    I'm late to the party but I sure hope you had a great birthday!

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