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  1. Pistol

    Dying Out Flame

    Facebook Link Bandcamp Discography: Shiva Rudrastakam Dying Out Flame is Vedic Death metal band from Nepal formed in 2011. The band become most popular inside Nepal from doing live events. They started working for their debut album from 2013 and they launched album’s title track on...
  2. Pistol

    Carcass (Official Thread)

    Surgical Steel is one of the best releases of this year ...
  3. Pistol

    Morbid Angel (Official Thread)

    IMO Gateway is far more better than Heretic :)
  4. Pistol

    Opeth (Official Thread)

    AGREED ! 62 minutes of pure bliss is what Still Life is. As a individual song, i like Blackwater Park and Bleak the most but as a whole album Still Life is best.
  5. Pistol

    Alice In Chains (Official Thread)

    Couldn't find Alice In Chains thread so... Hollow hmSeWqmlqYs can't wait to get full album:D
  6. Pistol


    From New album Summoning - The White Tower nUQAs7UHTnw Summoning - Caradharas HRu5H5J6VsY
  7. Pistol


    Камни or Kamni (meaning Stones) is a psychedelic / stoner doom trio from Moscow, Russia. They have released two EPs; Камни (2010) and A.T.O.M. (2011), and they are currently recording their first full-length that will be released in the summer of 2013. Originally formed by Paul (guitars, vocal)...
  8. Pistol


    Atmospheric Black metal one man project..haven't got more information than this. Discography: Help A Body(2011) Joy (2013) Westering - Orchid Child Hh47-YQ8QxU Westering - Breathe In Fire FuOS62bzmcc Westering - This Will Quite us 7K4q8hlLIfY
  9. Pistol


    Nice stoner band ! love that track Libusen
  10. Pistol

    Goatsnake (Official Thread)

    I very much like the song A Truckload of Mamma's Muffins from Flower of Disease..couldn't find the youtube link.
  11. Pistol

    Hard Rock/Metal albums of 2013

    So far..good album of 2013 for me : Cult Of Luna - Vertikal Sludge Metal Defeated Sanity - Passages Into Deformity Death Metal Omnium Gatherum - Beyond Melodic Death The Flight Of Sleipnir - Saga Doom/Sludge Suffocation - Pinnacle of Bedlam Death Metal Krypts -...
  12. Pistol

    Some great Doom bands

    Some OF THe Doom Bands i like to Listen: The Flight Of Sleipnir(Sludge/Doom) Let Us Drink Till We Die sfXtX6k7SZA Agalloch (Black/Doom) Falling Snow z4ih3JVrRPE Limbs SIzoyPfPKO4 Anathema (Progressive/Doom) Restless Oblivion CexBzf4DC4M Shroud Of Forest dffMSufw5dc
  13. Pistol

    Imagine Dragons

    I am not a fan of these types of Bands..but DEMON is superb !!!
  14. Pistol


    i have got Holy Mountain and Jerusalem...need to listen them more
  15. Pistol

    Mogwai !

    I am a huge fan of Mogwai. Their recent release Les Revenants is also amazing !
  16. Pistol


    Is it only me or anyone else find them sounding like Tool :D anyway, nice band ! need to check out
  17. Pistol


    Demigod is a death metal band that was formed in August of 1990 in a little town in Finland called Loimaa. Demigod’s first studio demo Unholy Domain was recorded in December of 1990. That tape gained a huge success in the underground circles around the world. It also came out as a split album...
  18. Pistol

    Nile (Official Thread)

    Karl's solo project is must check for Nile fans and ambients listeners too. Beauty in brutality...thats what Karl's music is.
  19. Pistol

    Emperor (Official Thread)

    Ihsahn's recent solo album Eremita was superb ..not a huge fan of Emperor though.
  20. Pistol

    Atheist (Official Thread)

    Been listening to Jupiter, and i am surprised how tr00 metal critics find this album so lame... The album isn't that bad at be honest it's good album..just it's not up to the par of their previous efforts :D
  21. Pistol

    Acid King (Official Thread)

    Re: Acid King Acid King - Electric Machine W6NkY7TqxNA Acid King - War Of The Mind ZPQcjypyT0k III is the Stoner rock at it best state.
  22. Pistol

    2012 METAL, Hard Rock and other end time debauchery

    Italian tech-death band Gory Blister's new album Earth Sick...Must Check album for Technical Death fans Gory Blisters - *** tdJ-IpLHyPs
  23. Pistol

    2012 METAL, Hard Rock and other end time debauchery

    New Arsis release is also one of the good album of this year, though it comes nowhere near to A Celebration Of Guilt.
  24. Pistol

    Electric Wizard (Official Thread)

    Enjoying this new album Legalise Drugs and Murder Electric Wizard - Legalise Drugs and Murder 1zNG63rf9LQ
  25. Pistol


    ^ Atheist - Piece of Time is my favorite one. Awesome jazz death fusion. If u haven't checked Lykathea Aflame yet, u need to....another amazing technical death band .

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