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  1. Johnnycanuck

    most energetic lead singer

    I saw Van Halen in 1981 and Diamond Dave was amazing! He would climb on the Marshal stacks and then do spinning jump kicks! Beat that! Even when he was solo he was all over the place. I saw Maiden at an Ozzfest and not only was Bruce all over the place, all three guitarists where whirlling...
  2. Johnnycanuck

    Dio (Official Thread)

    I saw Ronnie with Black Sabbath for the Mob Rules tour. I liked him better than Ozzy...
  3. Johnnycanuck

    Kansas (Official Thread)

    Although this isn't Kansas, it is Kerry Livegren with his band AD. He had Ronnie James Dio sing two songs on the album - Seeds Of Change. I can only find one of them on You Tube with Dio -aXkTQEa9NQ
  4. Johnnycanuck

    Flying Colors (Official Thread)

    Yes that is true that Neal Morse has several cd's out that have christian influences. They are not country or pop but are progressive rock. They are Momentum, One, ? (the question cd) and Sola Scriptura. Mike Portnoy plays drums on all of them.
  5. Johnnycanuck

    Flying Colors (Official Thread)

    Have you ever heard Neal Morse's other solo material? Have you heard Mike Portnoy's band Adrenaline Mob? It is heavy and has the singer from Symphony X in it too.
  6. Johnnycanuck

    Flying Colors (Official Thread)

    If you like Flying Colors then you will absolutely love this. Same drummer and keyboardist (although there are three in this band - it is the vocalist. XO1jRw_Nerg
  7. Johnnycanuck

    Some great Doom bands

    [/YT]If you like Sheavy (they are from Newfoundland Canada) you would love Trouble, this song is from 1987, and you haven't heard of them? bO_pHzDiS0c V64Fy8AMsrI
  8. Johnnycanuck

    Some great Doom bands

    Trouble Sheavy Venne Domine Starchild Spirit Caravan Place of Skulls
  9. Johnnycanuck

    Female Fronted Metal Bands

    Here are some bands that I listen to. Barnabas Fountain of Tears HB Gretchen Glass Hammer
  10. Johnnycanuck

    Top ten prog metal albums

    Affector Dream Theater Iced Earth MullMuzzer James LaBrie Pain Of Salvation Redemption Symphony X Teramaze Watch Tower Theocracy
  11. Johnnycanuck

    Flying Colors (Official Thread)

    I had started a thread (no replies though) I have the cd and love it. I have two Dixie Dregs albums (bassist and guitarist - who also plays for Deep Purple and played with Kansas - Steve Morse). Neal Morse was with Spock's Beard of which I have several and also have several of his solo stuff.
  12. Johnnycanuck

    Favorite Live Band

    Mine are Dream Theater and Iron Maiden, both were amazing!
  13. Johnnycanuck

    DRAGONFORCE etc ...Prog or metal ?

    Apparently you haven't heard Dragonforce for a while. They have a new vocalist and put a cd in 2012-The Power Within. It is a very good cd along the lines of Iced Earth and Blind Guardian. It deals with warriors in battle themes and good triumphing over evil and a leader saving the masses. As...
  14. Johnnycanuck

    Neal Morse - Momentum

    Here is Neal Morse's promo trailer for his new cd Momentum, featuring of course Mike Portnoy. Neal Morse- LIVE MOMENTUM Promo - YouTube
  15. Johnnycanuck

    Flying Colors (Official Thread)

    Flying Colors - new superband Casey McPherson, Steve Morse (Dixie Dregs, Kansas), Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs), Neal Morse (Spock's Beard) and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment) have released a new eponymous cd that is amazing! Here is the official you tube video of Shouda...
  16. Johnnycanuck

    Top 10 Tony Iommi Guitar Solos

    Well the solos on A Bit of Finger-Sleeping Village-Warning are great!
  17. Johnnycanuck

    Johnnycanuck from the RCAF

    I am in the military and a passionate musicologist! I love all the genres of rock and progressive, symphonic, melodic, power metal! I live in New Brunswick Canada but work in Nova Scotia. To put in a shameless plug; I also design websites and I just finished one that would interest...

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