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  1. Malikarcanum

    Point Of Know Return Vs Blinded By The Light

    o-R8gHj_7v8 2GCr1eTbxbw Which had the greater AOR-influenced Prog classic of the 70's?
  2. Malikarcanum

    This is gonna be a tough one.

    This is gonna be a tough one I've been looking for this song for years, & have pretty much given up hope of finding out what it is, mainly because I have very few ways of describing it. It's a Hard Rock tune, from the sound of it probably mid 70's. Has a galloping E minor riff. Sounds...
  3. Malikarcanum

    I Am The Walrus

    Got your attention, didn't it? :tongue: Anyway, this is a little late, but I figured I might as well make one of these. Howdy folks, the name's Cameron. Cam for short. I'm relatively young, but music is my absolute passion. It consumes me. I've always loved it, but didn't truly dive into it...

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