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  1. Cannons Ahoy

    100 riffs in one song

    I found this cool video from YT. There are a few similar videos there too, all of them are great. jl3nxERBlRM
  2. Cannons Ahoy

    Songs with awesome endings

    Post here examples of songs with great and original endings. Personally I often find it boring if a song just fades out, I think a great ending makes a song even more unique. :D I think Angel of Death by Slayer ends on a cool note, the guitars play a regular power chord but the bass note is...
  3. Cannons Ahoy

    Best thrash debut

    Which classic early thrash metal debut is the best?
  4. Cannons Ahoy

    Essential bands/artists for every genre?

    Essential bands/artists for every genre The idea is to compile a "recommended" or "essential" acts listing for every music genre there is, so people who want to expand their common knowledge can check 'em out. So anyone can suggest acts for the list and I'll add them to this first post...
  5. Cannons Ahoy

    What classical would you suggest to a rock fan

    I want to get into classical music but I don't know where should I start to get "hooked". The "main" rock genres I like are prog, blues/psychedelic rock and metal. Would you suggest a classical composer or piece for an easy start? I know some of the more popular compositions and have listened to...
  6. Cannons Ahoy

    Best song on Slayer - Show no Mercy

    A really underrated album!
  7. Cannons Ahoy

    Heaviest song?

    What do you think is the heaviest song ever? Not limited to heavy metal songs. To be heavy the song doesn't have to have distorted guitars, light speed riffs or growling vocals. The heaviness is also delivered by musical weight, how dark the theme and the overall atmosphere is and the "vibe"...
  8. Cannons Ahoy

    Little Bird

    Little Bird are a pretty cool new blues rock band from Brighton, England. They have two songs completed and hopefully we will see more. They really got the "classic vibe" and sound just like from the 60s. Check 'em out: LittleBirdOfficial - YouTube
  9. Cannons Ahoy

    Best epic prog song?

    Which of these compositions that fill an entire side of an LP (or sometimes more) is best in your opinion? I only chose one song from each of the bands that is generally considered to be their best one. By all means, if you feel a piece should be added, tell me. dwTAXVcK1JA Emerson...
  10. Cannons Ahoy

    You Shook Me

    Which cover of the blues song is better? S3-XqLFKQzA Bomv-6CJSfM
  11. Cannons Ahoy

    The Red Coats

    The Red Coats are a new rising rock band from Fresno, California and their style is new classic rock. They are a band that's trying to bring the good ol' rock and roll back, and until now they have played some covers and recorded three original songs, which I find pretty cool! Their youtube...
  12. Cannons Ahoy

    Achilles Last Stand cover

    Hi! I made a cover of Led Zeppelin's song Achilles Last Stand. It's my first cover... :grinthumb You can listen to it here: ADHb32GrtRE Hope you like it!
  13. Cannons Ahoy

    Hello, is there anybody out there?

    Hi guys and girls, I'm new here. Been a rocker since christmas, my fav bands are Zep, Queen, Floyd, and Van Halen. Pleasure to meetcha :****:

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