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    1976: Boston or Rocks?

    Whether from a technical standpoint (guitar work, vocals, intricacy of playing, etc.) or just what I enjoy listening to, I would go with Boston. I still enjoy listening to it today.
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    Hello from Southern California

    I located this forum while researching a John Payne question my wife and I had. I got involved in reading the thread and thought I would join. Classic Rock defines my musical tastes since I grew up on it as it was first released. The excitement when new albums were released by Pat Benatar...
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    How did you find CRF?

    I was looking up John Payne's age (previous Asia vocalist) and ran across this site.
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    New Asia single, Face on the Bridge

    New member here - just discovered this site. (I found the site and this thread when I was looking up John Payne, actually.) Sorry for the semi-necro post, but I thought the clip in the first post was pretty good. I know many said they prefer Wetton as the Asia vocalist, but personally I am a...

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