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  1. Metal Health

    Best Doom/Gothic

    What doom/gothic metal bands should I start out with?
  2. Metal Health

    Favorite Opeth Song?

    I personally don't like Mikael's voice when it comes to the harsh stuff. Everything else I'm really into. Especially Damnation. My favorite would have to be Windowpane.
  3. Metal Health

    Megadeth - Dystopia

    Never done a review before so please bear with me! :) Dystopia by Megadeth A couple things before I get started with the track list... This album seems to get back to the roots of Megadeth. The riffing, the soloing, even the bass parts seem to be very similar to Megadeth in the 80s. Dave...
  4. Metal Health

    Guess What I Found Out

    Hey guys, completely shocked when I found this out. Dave Grohl, of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters was married to my second cousin and had a son with her. I know I'm probably wasting your time. I just wanted to share.:)
  5. Metal Health

    A Day In The Life Of Slash

    This video is hilarious! Thought I would share. IIDqQIrpZ0Q
  6. Metal Health

    What is your Favorite Guns 'N Roses acoustic song?

    By acoustic I mean any parts in the song's studio recording with JUST acoustic and no electric. For me it would probably be Patience, Civil War, or Don't Cry.
  7. Metal Health

    How Stairway To Heaven Was Written

    Not a song, but I'm sure many of you will enjoy this as I have. :grinthumb DDo4CA13LbY
  8. Metal Health

    Favorite Music Videos

    I was just wondering what your favorite music videos are. Please no rap! These are a couple of my favorites. MbXWrmQW-OE 8SbUC-UaAxE
  9. Metal Health

    Come Together

    I love this Beatles song so much! I love Aerosmith even more. That's why I bought their Greatest Hits. I got home and and played the cd. I loved it. Classics like Dream On, Walk This Way, Kings And Queens, Same Old Song And Dance, Sweet Emotion etc. Then, I got to Track #9. "Come Together". I...
  10. Metal Health

    Soldier Of Fortune - Which Version?

    The original recording of this song was by Deep Purple. I personally like the Whitesnake version better. Please don't assume that Deep Purple"s is better because you think they are the better band. Listen to both and let me know which one you like more. :) Deep Purple RKrNdxiBW3Y My...
  11. Metal Health

    Favorite Guitar Solos Of All Time

    I was just wondering what your favorite guitar solos of all time were.
  12. Metal Health

    Metal Band Suggestions

    I know practically nothing about heavy metal. I don't understand the different sub-genres of metal yet. I just need a starting point. The hardest bands I listen to are Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Black Sabbath/Ozzy. Are there any heavy metal bands you would recommend for me?
  13. Metal Health

    First concert finally!

    I finally get to go to my first concert on Monday. Well, unless you count going to see Gillian Welch when I was 3. It's gonna be the Watkins Family Hour. I've never heard their music, but I know and love Sara and Sean Watkins from Nickel Creek. The Family Hour is a pretty new band. They just...
  14. Metal Health

    Do you use Bandhub?

    I just joined Bandhub and was wondering if anyone here uses it. If so, please give your username.
  15. Metal Health

    1975 Add List

    Ready, GO!!!!!!!!!:) 1. How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you) - James Taylor
  16. Metal Health

    1974 Add List

    Let's Start Over!!! 1. Rikki Don't Lose That Number - Steely Dan
  17. Metal Health

    Jimmy Page Wraps Up Led Zeppelin Reissues With A ****

    Jimmy Page Wraps Led Zeppelin Reissues With a **** | Rolling Stone This is so sad. Page is moving on. He seems like he wants to forget Zeppelin and act like it never happened. That means probably no reunion.:wa I know I could've put this link on a lot better. I couldn't figure out how to put...
  18. Metal Health

    Social Groups?

    Seems like it is a good idea. As soon as I registered, I got all over it. I have something like 5 or 6 groups that I'm in. But then, after a few months, I realized that nobody uses it. Why is this?:wa
  19. Metal Health

    Guitar players?

    Anyone play guitar here? If so, do you play acoustic, electric or both?:jj::dude::geetar::guitar:
  20. Metal Health

    Multi Effects or individual pedals

    Guitarists! I need your opinions on this. I am looking for a pedal but I can't decide on which kind to buy. I love the idea of the multi effects pedals but I don't like that you have to go through menus and stuff to change the sound. Multi effects or individuals?
  21. Metal Health


    Hey guys, I am the user formerly known as ledzep16. Glad to be posting with you guys under my new username, Metal Health!:):grinthumb
  22. Metal Health

    Do like Jimi Hendrix's voice?

    Jimi Hendrix is very well known for being one of the best guitarists of all time. I personally have never heard anyone talk about his voice though. He was the all-time lead singer for his Experience. What do you guys think of Jimi Hendrix's voice?
  23. Metal Health

    Stairway To Heaven Satanic?

    I personally am very interested in this proposition of Stairway To Heaven being Satanic. Can you please watch this video and let me know what you think about it? Thanks! -eBIhAqFtGo
  24. Metal Health

    Favorite Classic Rock Song

    I know that this can be a pretty tough one.
  25. Metal Health

    The Wall vs. The Dark Side Of The Moon vs. Wish You Were Here

    The Dark Side Of The Moon for me.

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