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  1. Marielle Miguel

    As you cope with the help of music.

    “It’s worth noting that music itself wasn’t the coping aid, but rather, music-related behavior, specifically the ways people have adapted their musical behaviors during the crisis. In this regard, music listening and music making appear to provide different coping potentials,” explains Melanie...
  2. Marielle Miguel

    App for editing & arranging audio?

    I'm trying to find an app that is a quick and easy way to edit and do basic arrangements of audio files. Garage Band almost works, but the limit on the file size/length is too short. I need to be able to edit/arrange multiple-hour-long clips... It's the quantized/snapped piece that is proving...
  3. Marielle Miguel

    Can music cause anxiety?

    Hey guys I've searched up online if music can cause anxiety but the answer seems to be no, in fact, it can lower anxiety according to my research. I've been listening to rock music most of my life and usually, I listen to the same songs over and over again because I'm bored. However, there...
  4. Marielle Miguel

    **** a Gong (Get It On) by T.Rex

    Get it on baby!

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