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  1. jeffrey

    Ian Anderson - Thick As A Brick 2 (2012)

    Thick As A Brick 2 - a personal appraisal. This is the album Jethro Tull fans will love. Ok so I'll grant you there is no Martin Barre and it is in reality an Ian Anderson solo album but with a line up of David Goodier (bass), John O'Hara (keyboards and accordion), Florian Opahle (guitar)...
  2. jeffrey

    Bert Jansch

    Bert Jansch, the Scottish folk musician, Pentangle co-founder, and guitar hero to Neil Young, Jimmy Page and many others, died today after a long battle with cancer. He was 67. More at Guitarist Bert Jansch Dead at 67 | Music News | Rolling Stone
  3. jeffrey

    Jethro Tull - Stand Up 2CD/DVD (2010)

    Well here it is, the long awaited and much heralded 2CD/DVD 2010 re-release of “Stand Up”, Jethro Tull’s second album and the one which topped the UK album charts in August 1969. So what do you get for your money? CD one is the 2001 rerelease of the original album which has divided many...
  4. jeffrey

    Classic Record Labels

    To an old "vinylholic" like myself, there is nothing more pleasing than seeing a classic record label. They don't have to be clever in their design, although it helps, but the knowledge that some great music was on the label roster makes me want to hunt down those dusty slabs of vinyl knowing...
  5. jeffrey

    Jethro Tull - Benefit {UK} (1970)

    I would guess that this album is where a lot of casual listeners, music press critics and fans alike realised that here was a band who had finally come of age and would, henceforth, go onto greater things. Written by a composer, Ian Anderson, who had a precocious talent for words and a striking...
  6. jeffrey

    Vaughan Williams & Edward Elgar

    I often listen to classical music, mainly to chill out when it's been a particular difficult day. I began to listen to Vaughan Williams through his re-working of English folk songs and Edward Elgar as I find his compositions uplifting and "majestic". A few I'd recommend: Vaughan Williams...
  7. jeffrey

    Lonnie Donegan & skiffle

    Difficult one to pigeon hole in some respects. I found this UK extended play record in a charity shop recently - the line up is Lonnie Donegan - vocals & guitar **** Bishop - vocals and guitar Chris Barber - bass Ron Bowden - drums Released originally in 1956, I assume that...
  8. jeffrey

    Bruce Hornsby & The Range

    Always thought that Bruce Hornsby, together with his brother John, wrote some thought provoking songs. I've got some of BH's recordings and although The Way It Is was issued in 1986 it still sounds good today. I saw them live at the Hammersmith Apollo back in '88 and it was a superb concert...
  9. jeffrey


    One Scottish band that seems to get overlooked these day are Runrig. They are a band which constantly produce good albums, and singles, and they have a large following both in the UK and also Europe. I don't know what their following is in the States but if you like folk rock, and are...
  10. jeffrey

    Blodwyn Pig & Mick Abrahams (Official Thread)

    Official Website Ahead Rings Out (Island, August 1969) Getting To This (Chrysalis, April 1970) Lies (1993) All Tore Down: Live (1994) Pig-in-the-Middle (1996) The modern Alchemist (Indigo Rec. 1999) All Said And Done Shakedown Records 2004 two-CD 1 DVD boxed set The Radio...
  11. jeffrey

    Hello all

    Hi everyone. Just joined here and hope to paticipate fully as time goes by. Favourite band is Jethro Tull but others in the cd collection include Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Blodwyn Pig etc., all of which I have had the great pleasure to see live at one stage or another. I'm in my early...

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