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  1. deerwan

    Tangerine Dream : 220 Volt Live

    I'm a TD fan too and bought my first, Phaedra, when it came out. I like the live releases that have come out over the years, but one is a real stunner, a special one to be sure. It's called Poland and was recorded in Warsaw during one of the coldest winters ever in 1983. Four songs in...
  2. deerwan

    Tom Petty passed

    I remember when Tom Petty came blazing onto the scene with American Girl. He had an almost punk air about him and was definitely cooler than most. He was a good story and made some good music, but the new Damn the Torpedos lp which happened to be playing at my favorite record store on a...
  3. deerwan

    Tell us about your stereo!

    Nice stuff there Frands. Always wanted a *** amp, but my Marantz has been good (warm tone and musical); had a Thorens table a long time ago--great equipment. Jamos look good but unfamiliar with them (most anything by Klipsch is great tho'); the dimensions of the Jamos remind me of a pair of...
  4. deerwan

    Last concert you went to

    Al Di Meola The Elegant Gypsy 40th Anniversary tour... saw him last night at a 928 seat hall, a beautiful venue with very nice acoustics. Here's how the show went down. The whole band came out just past starting time and and played a very intense first set of electric standards from Di...
  5. deerwan

    This Day In Rock History

    It's a little scary to be able to remember some of those early 70's histories.
  6. deerwan

    Good Albums With Bad Cover Art

    You made my weekend with this one. I am a huge Joe fan and listened to this so much when it came out I thought something was wrong w/ me. That was prob true anyway, but it seems I was the only one listening to it... thought it was a great album and should have been a double, having heard...
  7. deerwan

    Good Albums With Bad Cover Art

    Laughed out loud when I saw the Best of Cream lp because I had that a long long time ago. Never could make any sense of the cover art. It is hard to disassociate cover art from a good album because even if it is fairly bad, it has been ingrained in my rock n' roll psyche for so long that...
  8. deerwan

    The Walker Brothers

    Not knowing much about them at all, I picked up the Nite Flights lp around the time it came out and listened to it a lot.,, excellent listen and a Euro-progressive style. :grinthumb
  9. deerwan

    TELEVISION (post-punk band)

    I agree and really like the first two albums. Adventure was a bit of a departure from Marquee Moon, but in some ways I thought it was a better album... time has been good to Adventure, as it holds up quiet well. Verlaine released a few good solo lps that were good also. I got to see...
  10. deerwan

    Disapointment of 2016

    This has been a trying, cruel and challenging year and mourn the loss of a number of musicians, but I think they passed on in a good way. Fortune has looked my way and shone some light into my soul shoes after some trying times to say the least. Lucky enough to still have all my family and my...
  11. deerwan

    Album with no duds

    Tis true. :cheers:
  12. deerwan

    Album with no duds

    Some friends and I were talking the other day about that special period between 1970--73/74 maybe, when almost every other rock lp that was released are now considered classics; we didn't realize nor appreciate 'the harvest' of releases we were getting currently during that period. But we...
  13. deerwan

    Bob Dylan / The Band - Before The Flood (1974)

    When Dylan and The Band hit the road in '74 it was like the Second Coming. It was the Second Coming. The Band needed cash yes, but Dylan was very interested in a reprisal of what he had begun almost ten yrs before. And he wanted to unleash it on a burned out, defunct post-Nixonian 'merica...
  14. deerwan

    Doobie Brothers (Official Thread)

    I always appreciated that they changed their sound a little in 1975-76 when they took in some Steely Danners... Jeff Skunk Baxter was one of them and they jazzed up their sound a bit with Taking It To the Streets.
  15. deerwan

    Leonard Cohen dead at age 82

    I love, loved Leonard Cohen... a troubadour in the truest sense of the word. He got along with womenfolk in bars and taverns all over the world, while he was still in his 60's and 70's... they didn't know who he was but they liked his brooding, elegant style and manner. He spent time in a...
  16. deerwan

    Jeff Beck (Official Thread)

    Couldn't agree more. JB has amazed for years, stays on the cutting edge and continues to put new meaning into what started with **** by **** 42 years ago. I listened to the aptly and wonderfully titled 'LOUD Hailer' in the mountains this summer. It was really quite neat. We sat around the...
  17. deerwan

    Tangerine Dream (Official Thread)

    Encore and Poland are two really good live show-lps TD did way back. Encore has parts of the Sorcerer soundtrack in it-from their US tour '77- Poland was a show they performed during Solidarity back in 1980 during such cold conditions that some of the sequencers and tubes froze on stage...
  18. deerwan

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Wait a minute... I've tried covering this thread back a cupla years, mebe I missed it. But what about Be Bop Deluxe w/ incendiary guitar ace Bill Nelson? Axe Victim, Sunburst Finish and Modern Music were classics. Drastic Plastic was a master too. Listened to a lot of that stuff in the late...
  19. deerwan

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Thank you and kudos for that... Alvin Lee, and his band were underrated very much. So was Mott. I saw them both live in their prime, 1973, and both shows were unforgettable. TYA rocked a full house of 10K down to their sneakers, and Mott the Hoople headlined a show opened by Aerosmith and...
  20. deerwan

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    When I was young dumb and full of fun, Foghat's first kicked, esp, the opener 'Just Want To Make Love To You' (Rolling Stone even gave it a thumbs up-sorta) LOL It was a fun listen way back. Here is one that is probably long forgotten, but a good one. Glen Hughes played with them.
  21. deerwan

    T. Rex - The Slider

    Like early T-Rex. Mambo Sun and Rip OFF are good from the first, Electric Warrior. TanX isn't bad either. S L I D E R is a classic. Right now a reveling in old 70's stuff... TYA's A Space In Time at the moment. It's all good...
  22. deerwan

    Last concert you went to

    Steely Dan, but I have a chance to see Richard Thompson tomorrow night.
  23. deerwan

    Music you've outgrown....?

    aero, sent you something, not sure u got it... let me know.
  24. deerwan

    Music you've outgrown....?

    I"m too old to have outgrown anything, but I've tried to stay in touch with all of the Mach Music phases of my listening career. Punk/PostPunk stage I've backed off the most--but listening to Joy Div/early New Order, X, early Echo/Bunnymen always gets me going. A friend of mine at the college...
  25. deerwan

    hello and help....

    Might have been Frankie Miller who covered it in the mid -70s.

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