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  1. Chrissisol

    Lesser known 90's bands

    I like Sloane a lot, The Verve made more than Urban Hymns
  2. Chrissisol

    Best Documentary?

    I watched the Bob Dylan one on Friday! I love him and it’s been years since I’ve watched it. It’s on HBO Max
  3. Chrissisol

    Best Album of 1972

    Ziggy Stardust
  4. Chrissisol

    Best Documentary?

    I have tried but it makes me so sad!
  5. Chrissisol

    Best Documentary?

    Just watched the Velvet Underground documentary. It was wonderful. Watching Pearl Jam’s 20. Any other recommendations?
  6. Chrissisol

    Iggy Pop

    I love him. Do you?
  7. Chrissisol

    Hi, Hello Top 5 Favorite Records for a Thursday?

    Avid Music Fan. Love to discuss music! Happy to find this place. Curious to know everyone’s Top 5 Favorite Records for a Thursday? mine in no particular order: 1. X/O Elliott Smith 2. Blood on the Tracks Bob Dylan 3. Hunky Dory David Bowie 4. The Kinks are The Village Green Society 5. Turn on...
  8. Chrissisol

    Hello Everyone!!

    I adore Bowie ❤️
  9. Chrissisol

    Hello Everyone!!

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