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  1. CurtRHCP

    Down The Mountain (2023)

    Here's the first video clip, for the 1st song of the album, "Down The Mountain".
  2. CurtRHCP

    Down The Mountain (2023)

    Hello guys! I hope you're all on fire :nana: Here's my second album, called "Down The Mountain" and released on this beautiful Thursday the 5th of January MOTHERFU... Ah sorry I'm just too excited :bash: Here's the bandcamp link: Have...
  3. CurtRHCP

    Live performance

    Hi, I didn't post for a while, I wanted to share my live performance, I had a gig Friday. The audience was a bit sleepy... It was a special event about western. Hope you'll enjoy it, this one has some technical parts. Please, share and like it, it helps me getting a wider audience (it is...
  4. CurtRHCP

    New Song - I want to know what y'all think

    It's a great song! I think most people don't imagine the amount of time spend to create a song... You mumble on your guitar and find a chord progression you enjoy, you keep playing it till it becomes a song, you add lyrics, sometimes it pops out of your mind, it literally flows, sometimes you...
  5. CurtRHCP

    New song - Your opinion counts

    Hi guys! I'm planing to release a second album for 2021 or 2022. So far I have 5 tracks, almost 6, for more than 30 minutes of music. I'm planning to have at least 10 songs. I still have ideas and things to finish. Here's one of the song I finished, this is my favorite and I plan on put it as...
  6. CurtRHCP

    A Thing Called Love (Johnny Cash)

    Drums, bass & violins done with my Komplete keyboard. Hope you'll enjoy it! Like, share & subscribe so you won't miss any new vid!
  7. CurtRHCP

    2010 bands that sound like 60's 70's Classic Rock??

    The Sheepdgos are incredible! The Lemon Twigs too (USA)
  8. CurtRHCP

    TV Show Music Theme

    Instead of doin' another Topic, here's my last cover on YouTube... I hope you're all safe and feeling good during this tough time!
  9. CurtRHCP

    TV Show Music Theme

    It's a contest without any prize except being broadcasted on the TV show "On n'est pas des pigeons" which can be translated as "We are not pigeons". I hope they'll put my video in the show :) "We are not pigeons" is a Belgian TV show about marketing, lifestyle, etc. They try to help consumers...
  10. CurtRHCP

    New Album Available!

    I just released my second videoclip, entirely done in 3D by myself :D
  11. CurtRHCP

    New Album Available!

    Hi, My new album, "Debut Album of a Lonesome Man", a folk rock country album, is now available on Bandcamp!:D You can chose between physical CD or only buy the digital. If you buy the CD you automatically get the digital :) Here you have a complete...
  12. CurtRHCP


    Hi guys! I've been busy this last year between jobs/music/private life... Today I'm happy to present you my official music video for "The Same Old Way", my album will be released soon in 2020 :) Website: Facebook:
  13. CurtRHCP

    My new song, any thoughts?

    It's awesome, how did you do this? You played every instruments? Guitar/Keyboard I guess? It's a great song!
  14. CurtRHCP

    3 Recordings (demo)

    Thanks :) I'll take a look of NSAI.
  15. CurtRHCP

    3 Recordings (demo)

    Hi there! I'm actually recording my original songs, I have 13 songs so far, 8 have already been recorded, here's a preview of what I'd like to do, a folk/rock/country album, that's the general atmosphere of my demos : I write the lyrics and the songs, except for "How Can I Resist?", it's a...
  16. CurtRHCP

    Songs Of 1966 - Add List (50)

    1. Paint It, Black - The Rolling Stones 2. Wild Thing - The Troggs 3. Boris The Spider - The Who 4. Bus Stop - The Hollies 5. If I Were A Carpenter - Bobby Darin 6. These Boots Are Made For Walkin - Nancy Sinatra 7. Devil With A Blue Dress On - Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels 8. When A Man...
  17. CurtRHCP

    My first solo gig

    Hi folks! I wanted to share with you some video of my very first solo gig (and second gig in total :p) I had the chance to have 30 minutes on stage with a lot of original songs in my setlist :) I play folk/rock and country songs, I try to have a homogeneous setlist... A Johnny Paycheck cover...
  18. CurtRHCP

    My originals & covers

    Hi folks ! I covered someone you probably never heard about : Paul Vance. I firstly discover his talented son, Liam Vance, on YouTube, when I heard « Call Me When You Want Me » I directly wanted to learn it. It’s the first song I entirely learned by ear. You can find the original version on...
  19. CurtRHCP

    Gigs for musicians!

    Hi, why don't we start a topic about gigs for musicians? This could also be the page to present yourself if you're musician. I'm starting : Band Name : NA, I'm a solo artist. First Name : Curtis Last Name : Krumm Singer : Yes Instruments : guitar and harmonica Musical genres ...
  20. CurtRHCP

    Aviator Shades, Classic Hard Rock with a Irish twist

    Yep, sounds great :cheers:
  21. CurtRHCP

    A Thing Called Love

    Hi, I wanna share this cover I made of "A Thing Called Love", I'm pretty sure you know the song, written by Jerry Reed, covered by Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Glen Campbell, Jimmy Dean, ... I recently bought a microphone SHURE SM58, a Fishman Loudbox Artist and a Martin DX1ae because I'd like...
  22. CurtRHCP

    Songs Of 1997 - Strip 'em

    I don't know if it has already been posted, this is the first song that came in my mind : "Circle of the Noose" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, an incredible song for every Chili Peppers fan.
  23. CurtRHCP

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    Famous song in France/Belgium, from the 80's. I like the song and the videoclip This one has been pretty well translated. I don't listen to french music, I'm more into crountry, or 70's US music.
  24. CurtRHCP

    Sturgill Simpson

    I've been busy, quickly visit the sites, now I stop by and listen to "life ain't fair", what I like with country music is that it reflects the way I feel... A beautiful song. Though I'm not fan of his last album.
  25. CurtRHCP

    Hi, what songs to jam in a band ?

    A Raspberry wants to jam :clap: Well, I don't know. I just came for the joke :&

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