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    Legendary UFO Bassist PETE WAY Dead At 69

    Sad news. UFO band members past and present are leaving us fast. RIP Pete Way. (c)Bill O'Leary/ Timeless Concert Images
  2. RockshotsPhotos

    Last Original Member of Molly Hatchet Steve Holland Dies

    Really bummed....they are all gone now. RIP rocked. I took these photo's on the Beatin' The Odds Tour 1980 (c)Timeless Concert Images/Bill O'Leary
  3. RockshotsPhotos

    Steve Hackett (Official Thread)

    Photographer Unknown. Fantastic shot.
  4. RockshotsPhotos

    Review Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)

    As a lifelong fan of RUSH, I'm 60 years old now, I agree with "Slick Willie"...Moving Pictures has Red Barchetta, YYZ and Tom Sawyer for sure great songs, but I believe Permanent Waves and many of the earlier albums are better. I took this shot from the front row at Madison Square Garden, NYC...
  5. RockshotsPhotos

    ☆Axeplayers We Like☆

    Ulrich Roth aka Uli Jon Roth
  6. RockshotsPhotos

    Metal Church (Official Thread)

    METAL CHURCH debut album is one of the best EVER !!!
  7. RockshotsPhotos

    Machine Head (Official Thread)

    Very early shot of Machine Head prior to the release of their first album in 1994. (c)Bill O'Leary/
  8. RockshotsPhotos

    Dream Child

    Killer album, and absolutely love the story about the record company executive asking Craig Goldy how come nobody can make an album like Rainbow "Rising"...? And Craig Goldy saying "I Can..."
  9. RockshotsPhotos

    Ronnie James Dio (Official Tribute Thread)

    Ronnie lives on with his influence, check these out: Stand Up and Shout- Jorn Kill The King- Jorn Neon Knights- Helker Die Young- Jorn Lady of the Lake- Lords of Black Rainbow in the Dark- Jorn Under The Wire- Dream Child Shadow and Demons- Helker The Man Who Was King- Jorn Fairy Tale- Helker...
  10. RockshotsPhotos

    Dio (Official Thread)

    If you love Ronnie James Dio style vocals you have got to hear DREAM CHILD, the new band with guitarist Craig Goldy. Also, check out JORN's cover's of "Stand Up And Shout" and "Kill The King".....
  11. RockshotsPhotos

    Megadeth (Official Thread)

    I've been going back to the song Dystopia over and over, love it. I believe now it's because it reminds me of Hangar 18 off of Rust In Peace.
  12. RockshotsPhotos

    Best song on Rush "Moving Pictures"

    Gotta be Red Barchetta for me, I believe I shot this photo during the song Red Barchetta on the Moving Pictures Tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City. (c) Bill O'Leary/
  13. RockshotsPhotos

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Awesome band, The Dictators with Marco "The Animal" Mendoza and Ross The Boss....
  14. RockshotsPhotos

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Early promo shot of one of my favorite 70's bands, THE GODZ. Their first album is one of the best rock albums in my opinion...
  15. RockshotsPhotos

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Yes, and the second album "Helluva Band" is quite the rocker too....
  16. RockshotsPhotos

    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    As a life long fan of Thin Lizzy, and never having had the chance to see them in the glory days, I was very happy to finally see them just before they changed to Black Star Riders. I saw them in 2012 with founding member Brian Downey on drums, Scott Gorham on guitar and Darren Wharton on...
  17. RockshotsPhotos

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    I forgot, the first PIPER album as well.
  18. RockshotsPhotos

    Pink Floyd album battle!

    Dark Side is in my opinion the most over played, over hyped album of all the Floyd's albums. Meddle, Animals and Obscured By Clouds leave it in the dust....
  19. RockshotsPhotos

    Deep Purple song battle! Machine Head edition

    (c)BillO'Leary/ No contest.....Highway Star.
  20. RockshotsPhotos

    Van Halen Take Your Whiskey Vs. Pat Travers Snortin Whiskey

    Pat Travers.....for me, at least with that song choice.... (c)Bill O'Leary/
  21. RockshotsPhotos

    Iconic album battle : Rush vs. Van Halen

    Due to the four year difference in release dates, a pretty big difference in the studio particularly, I'm not so sure you can compare. I love them both for different reasons. If you put albums up for this same question from the same year (1978 for example) I would pick Rush- A Farewell To Kings...

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