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  1. nedkelly

    R.I.P. Speed King

    Bummer :(:( I dedicate this to him :(
  2. nedkelly

    Jim Seals of Seals and Crofts Dies at 80

    Bit of a belated reply, but a bummer all the same. I vaguely remember S & C , but "Summer Breeze" stix in my mind because it got lots of airplay on my local radio. I think I have a coupla recordings on various tapes and cassettes somewhere. RIP :(
  3. nedkelly

    R.I.P. Speed King

    Sorry to bother Magic, but was he the Speed King active on the forum here and elsewhere ? I didn't know him personally, but I did exchange a few posts with him. He was a musical expert and great guy. RIP and my condolences to you, his family and friends. Bummer :(
  4. nedkelly

    British Steel vs. Ace of Spades?

    Since I dig Lemmy starting from when he was in Hawkwind , I cannot but love Motorhead's album over JP's.
  5. nedkelly

    What Are You Listening To? (Metal Videos)

    Forget wimpy crappy Maneskin, this is REAL metal for a rocker's ears :).....hailing from Italy :)
  6. nedkelly

    Early ACDC with Bon Scott

    Sorry for the very belated reply here :):):).......what's in a year or 10 ?? Anyway, Bon WAS / IS AC/DC in my rock book, but Johnson could not have been NOT chosen to replace Bon. I dig both vocalists for diff reasons. By the way, did I ever tell you guys I met Bon in the mid 70s when he was...
  7. nedkelly

    New Documentary on Bon Scott

    Great new stuff here :)
  8. nedkelly


    Classics IV
  9. nedkelly

    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    A forgotten band from the 70s in Australia is definitely Skyhooks
  10. nedkelly

    Toto (Official Thread)

    The Porcaro bros really livened up an agonizing period in rock. My fav album by the boyZ
  11. nedkelly

    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    Just came in the mail. This band did some some great music and still does. Outta sight album .....yet to unwrap it !!
  12. nedkelly

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    A blast from '69
  13. nedkelly

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    The Damned album (2008) - I just discovered this album and it was a pleasant surprise :)
  14. nedkelly

    Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins Dead at 50.

    :( R.I.P. :(
  15. nedkelly

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    Another cool Aussie outfit......The Dandelion .......Natalie de Silver on vocals.
  16. nedkelly

    What Are You Listening to? (Videos only)

    Dandelion Wine from Melbourne Australia......Naomi is a real fine lady, I met her backstage some time ago in Brisbane and she introduced me to the band....a bunch of real nice mates :)

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