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  1. oscar gamble

    Stories - About Us (1973)

    Surprisingly strong album, with or without "Brother Louie" in tow. There's a Left Banke connection and you can tell it in the songwriting and performances on this. Also, if you like this album, be sure to track down The Beckies' LP from 1976, which is very similar.
  2. oscar gamble

    Review The Cars - The Cars (1978)

    It's definitely diminishing returns for me and these guys. I love this debut album, like Candy-O and can take or leave most of the rest of their output.
  3. oscar gamble

    Review Heart - Heart (1985)

    This album has not aged well. Musically, it has that mid-1980s gloss that's dated terribly. Even the cover photo is embarrassing.
  4. oscar gamble

    Review Peter Criss Solo Album 1978

    All four members of KISS released solo albums on the same day, September 18, 1978.
  5. oscar gamble

    Punk rock - for and against

    It's only been a huge influence on over 4 decades of indie rock.
  6. oscar gamble

    Yard Trauma

    Check out Plasticland, in case you never got around to it.
  7. oscar gamble

    Yard Trauma

    Thanks, I have lots of 80's and 90's era garage rock sitting around. I found that Yard Trauma album just a couple of years ago, when we were in Boston.
  8. oscar gamble

    Looking for a song with Roxanne in the lyrics.

    I caught the point. I know you were making a joke.
  9. oscar gamble

    Yard Trauma

    This is the album I have, from 1985.
  10. oscar gamble

    Looking for a song with Roxanne in the lyrics.

    The Jim Capaldi song is from 1983, so it's not that one.
  11. oscar gamble

    What's the most overrated classic rock song?

    "Stairway To Heaven"
  12. oscar gamble

    Till the End of the Day or End of the Night

    Wow, I broke the tie.
  13. oscar gamble

    Younger Generation

    You're almost 27? Time flies.
  14. oscar gamble

    60's era song with most meaning?

    "Surfin' Bird" - The Trashmen
  15. oscar gamble

    Recommend some Garage Rock

    The Electric Prunes Lost Dreams compilaton is really good. Any of the Back From The Grave compilations.
  16. oscar gamble

    The great 180 gram vinyl rock n roll swindle

    Vinyl has become a viable niche market again, thus all of the $30 vanity pressings. This includes thicker vinyl, limited quantities, colored vinyl, etc. A label like Norton releases new vinyl LP's for $12, if that tells you anything about how pumped up the price has gotten on this other stuff.
  17. oscar gamble

    most energetic lead singer

    Mick Jagger Iggy Pop Gerry Rosalie underrated: John Fogerty
  18. oscar gamble

    Doug Sahm & The Sir Douglas Quintet

    Sir Doug on Playboy After Dark, circa 1969. DIaYO3BkJzw
  19. oscar gamble

    Most Overrated Artists/Bands of 70s?

    I agree it can come off as too brash or whatever for some people's taste. I know a few folks who's taste otherwise lines up pretty well with mine that don't like it at all. That aside, it's also more rock and roll than about 98% of what gets discussed here.
  20. oscar gamble

    Your top 10 Rock Albums of All Time

    This is a really great record.
  21. oscar gamble

    Most Overrated Artists/Bands of 70s?

    Nonetheless, it's a great record. Side one just rips from start to finish. The idea these guys couldn't play well enough to make a great rock and roll record is a well worn cliche and a completely silly argument.
  22. oscar gamble

    Thread Closed What Are You Listening To?

    Lynch's favorite record.
  23. oscar gamble

    Most Overrated Artists/Bands of 70s?

    I don't know, I hadn't listened to this album in a few years and bought a used copy in a record store this week. Despite all the naysayers, it's pretty freaking great . I just don't get why people who profess to love rock and roll don't like this record. It's pure rock and roll, loud, trashy...
  24. oscar gamble

    Can you identify this one?

    Thank god no.

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