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  1. TheWhalerfan

    What's your favorite Beatles song?

    It switches over the years, but probably "Here Comes the Sun"
  2. TheWhalerfan

    Rate the song on the different music genre

    It was ok, and honestly reminds me of music I enjoy when while playing DOOM or something. Playing was good, just wish it had a little more bite, or an was just a bit too buttery soft, needed to sound a bit more like Ghost. 6.5/10 My pick is a cover, they have done this song a ton and...
  3. TheWhalerfan

    Guilty pleasures?

  4. TheWhalerfan

    Guilty pleasures?

  5. TheWhalerfan

    Guilty pleasures?

  6. TheWhalerfan

    Mikkey Dee, Phil Campbell Added to Motorhead’s Rock Hall of Fame Nomination

    Even when Vinnie played in KISS he was pretty much unaccounted for..that is one odd dude.
  7. TheWhalerfan

    TRIUMPH's 'Classics' To Be Re-Released As Double LP

    Yup, excellent band, just wish a few more songs were added to the LP, such as "Hot Time in the City Tonight" and "24 hrs a day"
  8. TheWhalerfan

    What is Your Favorite All Time Band in the Universe?

    For me it's RUSH. Not every album or period, but Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Signals and Grace Under Fire I never tire of and never will. No other band has held this longevity for me, although Faith No More is a close second (minus Sol Invictus, just expected more..)
  9. TheWhalerfan

    The Guess Who

    I have always liked TGW, but recently I bought a double album hits CD and I must say they were much better than I originally thought. Bachman is a good player, but I thought Kurt Winter was much better and the songs he did with them were really good. The classic hits are fine but worn down...
  10. TheWhalerfan

    Your last audio cassette purchase

    RATT: Reach for the Sky in 1988. Gave it one listen, then reached for the window crank in my car and tossed it out. After that I broke down and bought a discman and never looked back.
  11. TheWhalerfan

    Music you've outgrown....?

    Lots of mid to late 80's metal when studs and spikes gave way to spandex. Love early 80's stuff by after 1986 or so it just gets hard to listen to.
  12. TheWhalerfan

    Too Late vs. 2 Late 4 Love

    Singer with the Union Jack shirt winning this one
  13. TheWhalerfan

    Heart vs 38 Special

  14. TheWhalerfan

    1973's Got Me Hypnotized!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, It's Mr. Rick Derringer!
  15. TheWhalerfan

    All She Wants To Do Is Dance In 1984!!

    Yup MOTR for me too. I like exactly ONE Pretenders song, and this is it. But, I like it a lot.
  16. TheWhalerfan

    Fooled Around And Fell In Love vs. If This Is It

    Voted against Huey..not one of his better tunes imo.
  17. TheWhalerfan

    Guns N' Roses vs. Van Halen

    Agree 100%
  18. TheWhalerfan

    Lyrics that didn't age well

    My GFs favorite song..and while it may have been less creepy in the 60s, now it just reeks of some guy in a pedivan I'm a girl watcher I'm a girl watcher Here comes one now Mmmm, mmm, mmm I was just a boy When I threw away my toys I found a new pastime To dwell on...
  19. TheWhalerfan

    Bands or musicians who strayed far from their roots

    Tbh I never heard much later Aerosmith other than what did become singles in the 90s, but I have to argue what was released was very different from earlier years. They were hard rock in the 70's and much of the 80s, and then switched to a more "top 40 radio friendly" sound. But..they sold a...
  20. TheWhalerfan

    What if Van Hagar never broke up?

    I think they would have stunk, because the last bits they made together stunk pretty bad. Great group, tons of talent with both singers but they just fell off the "good idea" wagon, set it on fire, and kicked it down the never ending hill. Loved the earlier stuff up with Roth, can...
  21. TheWhalerfan

    What Do You Consider A "Long" Song?

    More than 7 for me is long.
  22. TheWhalerfan

    If you could go back in time, which concert would you go to?

    To see Rush during the Grace Under Pressure tour would do it, circa 1984. The end of the classic albums (imo) and a great setlist.
  23. TheWhalerfan

    Aerosmith anyone??

    Aerosmith are the most frustrating band much talent tossed away to make huge selling soppy wet ballads and plain crap. Yes it worked and they made a zillion bucks from Pump and get a grip etc but so much of it makes me want to stab my eardrums with an ice pick! Lets play Crazy...
  24. TheWhalerfan

    Is Rock Dying A Slow Death?

    I would say the last ten years or so has been better for rock than the ten before it, even if I don't like a lot of what is out there. Theres rival sons, glorious sons, royal blood, black keys, etc etc that make new albums and are all over the radio, but I have trouble getting much out of...
  25. TheWhalerfan

    Review Rush - Clockwork Angels (2012)

    Agree that this is a different sound from Rush, and it took me a few spins to appreciate it fully. Caravan, Headlong Flight, The Wreckers, Wish them Well, etc all are great, but IMO the recording just sucks. It has been mixed so loud that it distorts with any volume at all..which is a...

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