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  1. snowblue

    Moody Blues’ Ray Thomas Dies at 76

    You'll be sadly missed, Ray! :(
  2. snowblue

    Do you have one top favourite music act?

    Moody Blues are my favourite band although I can go months without listening to them. Close behind are (no order) Yes ELP Pink Floyd Supertramp Lindisfarne Neil Young Kinks
  3. snowblue

    Bob Seger or Neil Young tune?

    Voted for Neil but like them both.
  4. snowblue

    A Whiter Shade of Pale or Nights in White Satin?

    I'm a die-hard Moodies fan but don't particularly like Nights. I think I've probably just got sick of hearing it over the years. Procol Harum were a very underrated band with some great songs.
  5. snowblue

    Classic Prog 1970

    ELP Genesis Moodies
  6. snowblue

    Classic Prog 1971

    Both Yes albums and EGBDF
  7. snowblue

    Classic Prog 1972

    Close To The Edge - Yes Seventh Sojourn - Moody Blues Focus 3 - Focus
  8. snowblue

    Bands Whose Classic Line Ups That Aren't Originals

    Moody Blues. The classic line up included Justin Hayward and John Lodge who joined in 1966. Graeme Edge is the only original member left.
  9. snowblue

    Deep Purple VS Pink Floyd

    Pink Floyd.
  10. snowblue

    Close to the Edge or Animals?

    Close To The Edge.
  11. snowblue

    I wandered back

    Good to see you, Phil!
  12. snowblue

    Queen II or Quad?

    Queen II
  13. snowblue

    Supertramp vs. ELO

    Supertramp - Crime Of The Century Roger Hodgson's 'Hide In Your Shell' is one of my top 10 favourite songs. Love his voice and his songwriting.
  14. snowblue

    Been away for a while...

    Thanks for the welcome back, folks! :)
  15. snowblue

    Been away for a while...

    Hi all, I don't know if anyone would still remember me. I haven't been here for about 3 years so I'm sure there's been lots of changes since then. Looking forward to getting back into discussions and getting to know everyone!
  16. snowblue

    Songs with your name.

    I've not heard any songs with my name - it's a common enough name, so there's sure to be a few. I do have a horror film named after me, though........:D
  17. snowblue

    Going Across The Pond ....

    Have a lovely visit, Astrid! The weather looks a bit more promising today so I hope it improves while you're here! :)
  18. snowblue

    Brian Hibbard, Flying Pickets singer, dies

    Sorry to hear of his passing.
  19. snowblue

    Happy Easter CRF

    Happy Easter everyone!
  20. snowblue

    TheSound Update

    Sorry I haven't been around much and managed to miss this. Good to hear that your wife's health is improving, TS. Happy Easter to you and yours!
  21. snowblue

    Happy Birthday Sox!!!!

    Happy birthday Sox!
  22. snowblue

    Happy Birthday Tray!

    Just made it in time............ Happy birthday Tray!
  23. snowblue

    Happy Birthday annie!

    Enjoy your day, Annie!
  24. snowblue

    Happy Birthday Syd!!!!

    Hope I'm not too late.....happy birthday, Syd!

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