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  1. StreamingTodd4545

    Yes (Official Thread)

    Hopefully some of this new tour gets posted on YouTube; I'm actually curious how this new "Yes" sounds. To me though, Yes without Trevor isn't Yes. And speaking of tribute bands, the new Journey surely qualifies. With only Schon and Cain remaining from the glory years, they are a mere shell...
  2. StreamingTodd4545

    Journey (Official Thread)

    I'm now hearing that Arnel might be leaving the band.
  3. StreamingTodd4545

    Journey (Official Thread)

    I knew if I looked hard enough, I would find a thread for Journey. One of my all time favorite classic rock bands. Anyways, I have seen them in concert 7 times, all with Perry. From the Infinity tour to the Raised on Radio tour, there was never a bad show, and they always had great opening...
  4. StreamingTodd4545

    Poison (Official Thread)

    Wow, a blast from the past. I saw them twice, opening for Ratt and then headline on the Flesh & Blood tour. Don't get all the love for CC, he's not that great of a guitarist. Nice hair though.
  5. StreamingTodd4545

    Ranking the AC/DC albums. Worst to first!

    I honestly think that Brian is a better singer than Bon. Back in Black is my fave from this band.
  6. StreamingTodd4545

    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    This is basically the only metal band from the 80's that I still listen to. Now that I am much older, I realize that a lot of those 80's bands were really not all that talented. I've seen Maiden in concert 5 times, and the Somewhere In Time tour (1987) was absolutely epic. Powerslave tour was...
  7. StreamingTodd4545

    Do you agree with Jerry Cantrell that Alice in Chains are essentially a metal band?

    I would not consider Alice in Chains a metal band, not in the same way as Quiet Riot, Crue, Priest, etc are all considered metal bands. Has nothing to do with the 80's not being the 90's. AIC has a different sound, maybe not grunge, but not metal for sure. If I had to describe their sound...
  8. StreamingTodd4545

    Guns N’ Roses Officially Release New Song ‘Absurd’

    Not a good song at all. And Axl doesn't even look like Axl anymore. I saw the stadium tour in 1992 (not in Montreal, though) and that was the last time GNR was even relevant.
  9. StreamingTodd4545

    Yes (Official Thread)

    I'm not a huge fan of 70's Yes (pretty much only like Roundabout and I've Seen All Good People), but 80's and 90's Yes? Where do I begin? Trevor Rabin is such an amazing guitar player (and a good singer to boot) that he brought that band to a whole new level. Of the 4 CD's he did with Yes...
  10. StreamingTodd4545

    School Of Fish

    And I thought I was the only one who knew about this band. Silly me. Three Strange Days is a classic alt tune; I first heard it on college radio.
  11. StreamingTodd4545

    What other Scorpions albums would you recommend?

    Animal Magnetism (1980). Once you hear The Zoo, your ears won't be the same again.
  12. StreamingTodd4545

    Favorite progressive rock bands?

    Surprised no one has mentioned Triumph (Canadian 3-piece band that were always in Rush's shadow) or Queensryche (proggy metal from Seattle). Both bands rock.
  13. StreamingTodd4545

    Favorite Artists of the 90s

    If I had to pick just one 90's band as my favorite, it would be the Goo Goo Dolls (I know they got together in the late 80's, but didn't get radio airplay until much later). 1995's "A Boy Named Goo" is their best CD; not a bad tune on there.
  14. StreamingTodd4545

    Favorite Albums of the 2000's

    Hmmm, so the CD had to be released between 2000 and 2009. My favorite would have to be Simple Plan's first (No Pads, No Helmets, Just *****) released in 2002. It's pop punk and emo all rolled up in a nice package; there's not a bad song on the whole CD.
  15. StreamingTodd4545

    The Go Go's (Official Thread)

    An amazing band, the first all-girl band to actually play their own instruments. I'm older than dirt, so I saw them live numerous times in the 80's; best tour was the Talk Show tour, Red Rockers was the opening band. Even today, Belinda still looks hot, and she's about my age.

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