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  1. Hard Rock

    Helllp !!!! Avert a disaster !

    Gave up on the polls. I dont go there anymore. The 1985 poll is took over too. Classic rock forums is the only place for real polls and debates ! Guitar World = Rolling Stone
  2. Hard Rock

    Scorpions - 80's Edition (Official Thread)

    Great thread ! Yes ! 80's scorps ! 70's Scorps is more musicians music ( and i am a guitar player ) but the 80's is the stuff ! Hard rock perfected. Jabs is a real player. Check out the solos in the songs NOW ! and Arizona off of Blackout...Solos off of coming home and the same thrill off of...
  3. Hard Rock

    Helllp !!!! Avert a disaster !

    Yes, yes i do. And i dont want to see all that work of posting ( along with all those other nutty dedicated scorps fans ) go to waste. Been on it all weekend. Gave up for a while today....please! Lets kill it ! 20 votes takes a few can do 50 by opening 50 pages on mozilla and vote...
  4. Hard Rock

    Helllp !!!! Avert a disaster !

    Also, we have all been voting for days...i wouldnt care WHO won. Anyone but stryper. You can vote as many times as you want. Vote at least 20 each !!!! Please ! Vote Scorps because they are close !
  5. Hard Rock

    Helllp !!!! Avert a disaster !

    Go to The GUITAR WORLD BEST GUITAR ALBUM OF 1984 AND PREVENT STRYPER FROM WINNING ! VOTE SCORPIONS ! THEY HAVE THE BEST CHANCE ! PLEASE ! Vote only Scorpions because they are the takes a few votes to move the polls ! PLEASE ! Dont allow stryper to win ! Poll: What Was the...
  6. Hard Rock

    Any SFU420 fans here ?

    Well, so much for that. Greg Gall and Terry Butler left the band :mad So much for me ever seeing them live in that form. Chris Barnes thinks hes going to create SFU MK3. Good luck. :rolleyes: Lay off the smoke man.
  7. Hard Rock

    Anthrax - Indians Vs. Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills

    Really good one Tomcat. Uhhhh. Not a huge Anthrax fan but i had "among the living" forever on tape. The mosh breakdown in that song kills. Dude...I don't know. Ok, Anthrax. That song stomps.
  8. Hard Rock

    For people under 25. What newer hard rock bands do you like ?

    ^^^^ Yes. I know this thread will probably be a little lean but sure back in the day somebody said " hey you might want to check out these guys" about Sabbath, AC/DC, Scorps, Halen ect. Hell, my girlfriend back in middle school (84') said " check out this band "....Metallica's ride the...
  9. Hard Rock

    If you are thinking of joining CRF ? DO IT !

    :oyea::oyea::oyea: Thanx man...hey, when your life is reduced to staring at a computer all day/night , the little things start to count. But really, its cool. I have to rack my brains though because there are a few cobwebs ( scary at 38 ), At 23 i was a wizard at knowing bands albums ect...
  10. Hard Rock

    For people under 25. What newer hard rock bands do you like ?

    Just trying to get an idea of what younger people like for rock. And i don't count John Mayer or any Screemo or Nu-metal as rock. It has to be harder edge Rock. Airborne is a good not a huge fan but i really admire the spirit of them.You could throw some of White Stripes stuff in...
  11. Hard Rock

    Blackout vs Metal Health

    BLACK OUT ! Some good headbanging tunes on MH though....but no way. RIP Kevin Debrow Love Blackouts cover. Gottfried Helnwein did the self portrait for that. People think they dressed Rudolph up and did a painting of a photograph....Helnwein had that idea and portrait as far back as 1980. It...
  12. Hard Rock

    If you are thinking of joining CRF ? DO IT !

    I have already posted about myself and have posted a lot, but i have to say : this place is GREAT !!!! I have been on many forums over the years....something always boils over....but this place is nice ! Even the strongly opinionated come around. We can all eventually agree on something here...
  13. Hard Rock

    Back in Black best hard rock album ever ?

    I catch ya Funeral but for hard rock its close for me. All the pre 78 Scorps...its totaly amazing but you cant define it. At all ! Maybe Euro/Acid/hippie/progressive metal ? HaHa ! Its in a league of its own. That's why im a Scorpions fanatic. But Lovedrive is hard least to me. One...
  14. Hard Rock

    Back in Black best hard rock album ever ?

    I think it was a stand alone record. Yeah, they had built their audience with Bon was like a convergence of many things coming together. Some of the inspiration is so personal/spiritual/otherworldy to Brian during the recording process...he wont even discuss it. It was just one of those...
  15. Hard Rock

    Cheap Trick (Official Thread)

    Re: Cheap Trick I like the song Dream Police...alot. Gets me fired up. Great chorus and buildup in the break. I want you to want me is good to. Not hot on the band though. Its one of those bands where you have people that are nuts for them or are so-so into em. Funny story, an ex-friend/band...
  16. Hard Rock

    Any SFU420 fans here ?

    Help ! I dont wana just bump this post but....if a moderator could move it into the "Death Metal " topic forum that would be cool. I hold onto death metal only through SFU . Maybe people in the "Know" could turn me on to some more stuff. The less technical stuff...stoner and doom metal.There...
  17. Hard Rock

    Back in Black best hard rock album ever ?

    I actually like the whole Bon Scott era better ( and Bon's voice) but...that album. Its perfect. The only gripe is that all the BnB re-masters suck. The 16 bit original master was way better than any of the 24bit digi pack stuff they put out. Compressed, gated, low end cranked. Sounds like...
  18. Hard Rock

    Happy Anniversary! (...To Me!)

    Nice ! I was a bit to young to see them back then. They did come our way but the Portland fire Marshall said " No Way ! " Lame. I wish i had of went. If you look at alot of bios of early 80's 90's era rockstars, alot of them cite a Kiss concert for the reason they became musicians. Including...
  19. Hard Rock

    Back in Black best hard rock album ever ?

    They still play every single track on the radio. Not one bad song. Not one.
  20. Hard Rock

    Back in Black best hard rock album ever ?

    Don't know if this is the place to post this but...Back in Black. Hasn't it sold like a quadrillion CD's/downloads by now ? Isnt it mandatory that every mother buys a copy to give to her newborn at birth ? him/her a sense of guidance in this world ? A sense of....what " rocks "...
  21. Hard Rock

    Jet Airliner vs. Travellin' Man

    Jet Airliner. Steve Miller Band...not hard rockers but their music puts me in a good mood !
  22. Hard Rock

    Pictured Life vs. Photograph

    Photograph is a great commercial rock song and i love it can't hold a candle to Pictured Life. That song is beyond words.
  23. Hard Rock

    Balls To The Wall vs Big Balls

    Accept _ Balls 2 walls. Killer riff.
  24. Hard Rock

    Queensryche- Another Rainy Night VS. Krokus - Screaming in the Night

    Screaming in The Night...That song is EPIC. One epic power ballad. Tastefull and a great vibe. I would go as far to tie this and Still loving You as the best oldschool power balads from the 80's. They had a few good other songs....midnight maniac. Liked that one.
  25. Hard Rock

    rock you like a hurricane vs. panama

    A tough one for me...really, but Rock you like a hurricane is just epic....from beginning to end. sxdmw4tJJ1Y w-NshzYK9y0

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