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  1. aeroplane

    Blackbird vs Bluebird

  2. aeroplane

    Ramblin' Man vs Simple Man

    Ramblin' Man.
  3. aeroplane

    Go Your Own Way vs. Livin' Thing

    Fleetwood Mac.
  4. aeroplane

    Jet Airliner vs. Getaway

  5. aeroplane


  6. aeroplane


    Welcome. Never thought I'd meet the guitar player from Extreme :D
  7. aeroplane

    Hello there!

    Welcome to the forums!!!! :)
  8. aeroplane

    Hi There

    :D Welcome!
  9. aeroplane


    Welcome to the forums........! :)
  10. aeroplane


    Welcome to the party Snake Man! :D
  11. aeroplane


    Short intro and right to the point. Welcome.
  12. aeroplane

    Hey Everyone

    I was gonna ask a similar question :D
  13. aeroplane

    Stp live

    Cool footage. I'm not a real fan of STP, but I'd still be very interested in seeing them live since I'm much more tolerant of bands I don't usually listen to in a live setting.
  14. aeroplane

    Keith Richards not welcomed at Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Celebrations

    Hopefully somebody's quotes were taken severely out of context here. However, I am afraid that isn't the case. :rolleyes:
  15. aeroplane

    Van Halen tries to ban bad karaoke version of "Jump"

    The bold text says it all.
  16. aeroplane

    Happy Birthday Lynch!

    Happy B-Day Mr. Lynch! :grinthumb
  17. aeroplane

    Cheesy 90s pop songs/vids you can't help but love?

    For me, George Michael is underrated. The Outside song is one people might not expect me to post being a "straight" guy, but I like the message behind it in that George's lyrics encourage the listener to come outside and be who they are instead of hiding it on the inside. For me, you are who...
  18. aeroplane

    The Session Musicians

    Got a lot of love for unsung session musicians. I honestly couldn't identify a great deal of them by name, but I know which artists used them (especially solo artists). Session guys are people who generally help make a tour come together or an album come together.
  19. aeroplane

    Thinking of starting a music blog.

    Go for it. I'm no longer a prolific reviewer, but I use to write dozens and dozens of reviews as a paid freelancer. I'd be open to writing some when I had the time. I wouldn't even require credit in the form of a bio. It'd be more about informing readers about records.
  20. aeroplane

    Hey folks...

    Welcome! :grinthumb
  21. aeroplane

    Happy 21st Birthday Eyre!!

    Happy B-Day!

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