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  1. Powerage

    RIP Alan Lancaster

    R.I.P Nuff
  2. Powerage

    Cheap Trick (Official Thread)

    Just booked tickets for Bristol on UK tour in April 2021, then in July I will buy London tickets because I cannot get enough Cheap Trick.
  3. Powerage

    Ozzy Osbourne Cancels 2020 Tour to Pursue Medical Treatment

    European dates still on as things stand. I have a ticket for London. Very unlikely he'll make it I suspect.
  4. Powerage

    Black Crowes (Official Thread)

    I have a ticket to see them in Cardiff in October. Couldn't go to London as I'll be on my honeymoon so Cardiff was the next option. I'm not missing this, I cannot wait!!
  5. Powerage

    What's Your Favorite Whitesnake song?

    Love Hunter
  6. Powerage

    Boston Vs. Aerosmith Song Against Song Poll...

    Both great tracks, probably my favourite Boston song but Sweet Emotion is killer.
  7. Powerage

    What's your favorite Black Sabbath guitar riff?

    Into the Void, especially the second riff before Ozzy starts singing.
  8. Powerage

    First Live Concert? Last Concert?

    Status Quo - Wembley Arena 1999 Liam Gallagher - O2 Arena London last week. Amazing.
  9. Powerage

    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    Record Fair today: Cheap Trick - Music for Hangovers Rose Tattoo - 25 to Life Motorhead - Sacrifice Motorhead - No Sleep at All Iron Maiden - The X Factor Iron Maiden - Virtual XI Oasis - Noel Gallagher's Giant's Demos (Bootleg) Oasis - Up In The Sky (Bootleg Vinyl, Hultsfred Festival 1994)
  10. Powerage

    Jimmy Page 'tormented' by Robbie Williams?

    Having read Hammer of the Gods recently, Robbie Williams would be visiting Angels and not singing about them if this was the case!
  11. Powerage

    Stoner Music

    This is an excellent thread, thanks for all the great suggestions!
  12. Powerage

    Radio Grievance

    I think radio stations in the UK could be under threat in all honesty, the rise of online streaming means anyone can playlist their entire music choice without annoying DJ's and adverts. At work, at home, in the car, on public transport. The only thing you won't get is the news, but the BBC app...
  13. Powerage

    Radio Grievance

    In the UK we have natioanl radio station Planet Rock. They do an excellent job in my opinion. One thing that stands out for me though is they seem to play Metallica's The Unforgiven all the time.
  14. Powerage

    The return of...Van Halen?

    I can totally live with that. They're number one on my bands to see list, i'd be more than happy to accept Dave, Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang if it came to the UK / Europe. We've been completely starved of all VH action, apparently they've been booked to headline Download Festival at Donington at...
  15. Powerage

    The return of...Van Halen?

    If our American brothers and sister don't want it, Dave, Ed, Alex and Michael, bring the show to Europe. I'm fucking dying to see VAN HALEN.
  16. Powerage

    Rolling Stones Continue to Tease U.S. Announcement

    I was fotunate enough to attend both London Stadium gigs in May 2018 and they were absolutely unbelievable. If you get the opportunity to go, take it. I'd also highly recommend their Lucky Dip ticket option if available on future tours. Got 2 x Gold Circle for second show and it was one of the...
  17. Powerage

    Rolling Stones Tease Possible ‘Voodoo Lounge Uncut’ Concert Release

    Hoping this will match up nicely with the rest of the From the Vault Series.
  18. Powerage

    Next AC/DC Album to Feature Malcolm Young On Guitar

    Cliff is back too? Really hope so!
  19. Powerage

    Next Mr. Big Album Could Be Their Last

    Hope they don't call it a day. Amazing live band plus the last album Defying Gravity was excellent.
  20. Powerage

    What band have you followed the longest without having seen them live?

    Van Halen. They last came to Europe on 1984 tour.
  21. Powerage

    Rolling Stones Announce ‘From the Vault: No Security’ DVD

    i've just pre-ordered this and next week I'm going to both London Stadium shows. It's a great time to be alive if you're a British Stones fan!
  22. Powerage

    Wheres the Live concert performances ?

    Holy shit, thats awesome, I downloaded that show after it was pulled from the shops for some bullshit licensing issue, If the show was half as good as the album, it must have been a classic!
  23. Powerage

    Post your latest CD/DVD/Vinyl/Cassette purchases here!

    Led Zeppelin - Mothership
  24. Powerage

    1st Album-1st Song-Great Debut

    Oasis - Rock 'N' Roll Star
  25. Powerage

    Sony Japan Compiles CHEAP TRICK's Singles & Videos

    Cheap Trick most underrated band ever IMO.

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